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Container Studio by MB Architecture

New York studio MB Architecture have completed an art studio in the woods made of two steel shipping containers in Amagansett, New York.

Called Container Studio, the structure features two containers positioned next to each other on a foundation wall, within which a basement has been created.

The height of the space was increased by cutting away most of the floor of the containers, connecting them with the basement space beneath.

Above photograph is by Francine Fleischer.

Glass façades seal the containers at either end.

Photographs are by Dalton Portella unless otherwise stated.

Here's some information from the architect:

Art Studio - Amagansett, NY

The client needed an art studio close to her house (which we renovated in 2008).

Above photograph is by Francine Fleischer.

Her requirements were for a space of about 700 sf and a stringent budget of $60,000; and for a simple structure that would be both inviting and reflective.

Above photograph is by Francine Fleischer.

Our solution was to use two 9’-6” x 40’ x 8’ shipping containers (cost: $2,500 each, delivered) perched over a 9’ foundation wall/cellar.

Above photograph is by Francine Fleischer.

By cutting 75% of the floor of the containers, we were able to move the painting studio to a lower level via a wide staircase and take advantage of a high ceiling.

The staircase itself acts as a transitional space for viewing art work.

The upper floor provides a more intimate work area and a sitting area.

The containers were painted dark charcoal to maintain continuity with the original house and to recede in the shadows of a dense wooded site.

The total area of the studio is 840 sf and the final cost was $58,000.

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