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Essence Collection by MSB

Spanish studio MSB have designed a collection of steel-plate furniture including this desk, which combines a seat and table.

Called Essence, the collection features tables of different sizes that all incorporate seating for one or two people, or shelving.

A stack of rectangular boxes are also included in the collection, which can either sit on top of each other to form a shelving unit or be placed side by side on the floor to create a cabinet.

All the pieces are treated with different varnish finishes.

Here's some more information from MSB:

In 2010 the “ESSENCE” furniture collection was made:

When you feel its density, you realize it is an earth’s son. When you see its expressive skin, you think about the influence time has had. When you know its possibilities, you discover a raw material with a richness of endless nuances, and surely you would have never thought its presence could provide so much warmth.

From the interior of the earth, iron is a raw material that mixed with carbon creates an alloy, known as steel. In 2000 BC the Indians already used it to build their first tools and 4000 years later it continues to be a raw material with infinite applications.

This material, not more than a unique fragment of the earth we walk on, transformed into an element, which besides its functionality, it desires to have its own and unrepeatable character.

In a natural way, steel expresses shapes and textures on its surface ... this is part of the charm in every element.

All pieces are treated with varnish of different finishing that allows seeing the whole expressivity of the steel.

Iron is a living material that can slightly change shade and color through time. This is part of its charm. This 301.2 desk is part of this collection. MSB workshop office is an architecture, interior and design office established in 2008 by Miquel Subiràs in the volcanic region of the Garrotxa, in Spain.

A few words about the philosophy of MSB workshop office:
”MSB, is a path, a story where the essence is creativity, where the work are the projects, the reflections, the experimentation.... always connected to the world of architecture, interiors, design... communication.

Its not walk for walk, the goal is to develop projects with personality, rigor... Evolve concepts and discover new elements that every time accompanies us to go further.” M. Subiràs.

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