The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence by Christian Vivanco

Industrial designer Christian Vivanco has designed a sofa that resembles a picket fence surrounding a lawn.

Called The Grass Is Always Greener on The Other Side of the Fence, the seating can be reconfigured by moving the cushions around.

Here's some more information from Vivanco:

The Grass Is Always Greener on The Other Side of the Fence.

The concept of freedom and the conversation between man and nature have always been a main concern for me.

For this reason, the idea of representing a classic theme as the fence at the hill has been around for some time.

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" represents two fundamental ideas: the first is the name of the project, with it I tried to express this innate human desire for what is not ours.

The fence represents the man's hand and his effort to control what does not belong to him.

The second inspirational topic, equally important, was the intention of express the values mentioned above by proposing a set of volumes, spaces and textures which may provoke a sense of freedom and comfort.

The best excuse to reflect the concept was a casual sofa, simple and with a personality rather playful and relaxed.

Materials, finishes and configuration allow you to use it in different spaces; the backs are removable, giving you the option to create different configurations depending on the needs of the people who are going to use it, it can be a children's playground or the sofa in the living room of a young home.

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