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Rock Series by Arik Levy at Design Miami/Basel

Rock Series by Arik Levy at Design Miami/Basel

Design Miami/Basel is underway in Switzerland, where Paris designer Arik Levy presents these new pieces with Dutch gallery Priveekollektie.

Top: RockShelves
Above: Slice Log Mirror

New additions to Levy's Rock series includes shelves and a wooden form sliced open to reveal a mirror (see top image).

Arik Levy for Priveekollektie

Above: Micro Rocks sculpture in copper

A copper sculpture from the series will also be shown, alongside Levy's earlier Fractal L.E.D lamp (see our earlier story).

Arik Levy for Priveekollektie at Design Miami/Basel

Above: Fractal L.E.D

Design Miami/Basel continues until 19 June.

Here's some more information from Priveekollektie:

From the 14th till the 19th of June 2010 Priveekollektie will participate in Design Miami/Basel, the most prominent and substantive forum for international design. The fair brings together the most influential designers, collectors, dealers, curators and critics from around the world. Priveekollektie is proud to present works by Arik Levy, Carolina Wilcke, Hans Kotter, Kranen/Gille, Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin.

Being a designer, technician, artist, photographer and filmmaker, the skills of Arik Levy (1963 Tel Aviv, Israel) are multi-disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Most recently at Art Amsterdam Levy was selected to join the new feature of this fair: the No Holds Barred area. Priveekollektie presented his installation Personality Disorder Social Codes, confronting the audience with a composition of axes in 25m3. The axe symbolizes many different aspects of our life. It can be used for many purposes, as Levy explains: ‘Cutting a tree to build a house, get warm, protect myself and create my own shell… the action of cutting is a powerful one and represents separation, pain, distance, amputation, death but also protection. The possession of an axe makes one look a bit off, strange and violent within the city landscape. This installation investigates the presence of these tools around us in the domestic environment. It serves as an imaginary jumping board for ones personal imagination to access a personal story, impressions or perversions. Being inside the space makes us able to pick “in mind” any axe and slam it back.’

During Design Miami/Basel Priveekollektie will present Levy’s RockShelves, a sculptural bookcase of abstract rocklike blocks holding green vein wood shelves. The wooden shelves contrast beautifully with the mirror polished angular blocks.

The Slice Log Mirror, a sculptural mirror consists of “Sliced Log" as bio mimicry. It combines the rough image of sliced logs in nature with a refined mirroring surface, actually bringing the outdoor inside as well as re-skining whatever is in the reflective angle. And also the opposite, as Levy also places his mirror polished stainless steel sculptures in the exterior, such as private gardens, reflecting the green surroundings. Placing these unexpected objects in environments gives them – and the space - a new meaning. Thus reflecting the designer’s notion of life: ‘Life is a system of signs and symbols, where nothing is quite as it seems.’ The pieces of the Rock-series mirror their surroundings, but even more so leaves parts out, giving a fragmented reflection of the light and space they are placed in. Next to the unique prototype RockShelves and the introduction of Slice Log Mirror Priveekollektie will also present the Micro Rocks sculpture in copper and the light object Fractal L.E.D. in Basel.

Priveekollektie will be pleased to welcome you at Booth #25 at Design Miami/Basel June 14-19 2010. For more information visit Design Miami/ Basel takes place in Hall 5 of Messe Basel, a short walk from Halls 1 and 2, where Art 41 Basel is held.

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