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Chair, lamp & crane by Studio Juju

Platypus Chair, Bambi Chair, Crane Lamp and Duck Lamp by Studio Juju

Singapore design duo Studio Juju have created a series of chairs and lighting with exaggerated details taken from the features of animals.

Chair, lamp & crane by Studio Juju

Above: Platypus Chair

The Platypus Chair is made of beech and has an enlarged arm rest.

Chair, lamp & crane by Studio Juju

Above: Bambi Chair

The Bambi Chair is an upholstered beech seat with splayed legs and a backrest to carry it by.

Chair, lamp & crane by Studio Juju

The floor-standing Crane Lamp is made of stainless steel and aluminium and can be articulated through 90 degrees of movement.

Chair, lamp & crane by Studio Juju

Above: Crane Lamp

Duck Lamp is an LED light that can change direction by rocking on its bulbous base.

Chair, lamp & crane by Studio Juju

Above: Duck Lamp

Here are more details from Studio Juju:

Platypus Chair
W578 x D506 x H682 / SH 450 mm
Beech, painted.

Inspired by the littlest things we carry out all the time, we wanted to create a chair where the user can fill himself into its space, and find something to do.

The Platypus is designed to have an exaggerated arm to fulfill this purpose.

By affording this extra space, we hope to create new experiences that do not conform to typical formats of a chair.

Bambi Chair
W542 x D507 x H722 / SH 385 mm
Beech & Fabric

We wanted a backrest that is inviting to the touch.

Bambi has a welcoming handle and a generous low seat.

We kept in mind the texture of the wood and its construction, creating a seamless continuity of the fine finished handle to its legs. The soft upholstered seat compliments the handmade warmth experienced in the beech wood.

Crane Lamp
H1350mm, base Ø 300mm
Stainless steel & Aluminum, painted

Crane Lamp has a total swivel range of 90 degrees, offering the flexibility for use as an ambient light against the wall or as a directional light while reading.

Crane is in salmon red or cool yellow with matte lacquer finish and LED fitting.

Duck Lamp
H330 mm, base Ø 155mm
Aluminum & ABS, painted

Duck is a whimsical lamp that is both an ambient light and a task lamp.

Through the articulation of the lamp stem, the form of Duck becomes highly functional and expressive at the same time, with a nodding range of 40 degrees.

Duck lamp is available in blue and green, with LED fitting.

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