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Bucket Vase by Qubus Design studio

Bucket Vase by Qubus Design Studio

These vases by Jakub Berdych of Qubus Design Studio comprise hand-blown glass pieces attached to plastic buckets.

Bucket Vase by Qubus Design studio

The glass components slot into standard-sized buckets, drawing on the way flower stalls display cut flowers for sale in buckets of water.

Bucket Vase by Qubus Design studio

Photos are by Gabriel Urbanek.

Here's some more information from Berdych:

Bucket Vases

Qubus Design studio / Jakub Berdych, 2010

The story behind the Bucket vase is that designer Jakub Berdych collects the buckets in general for couple of years, as he has a gallery project in mind using them.... The vases were designed with this in mind. Jakub Berdych is fascinated by the simple shape of an bucket that has not changed over the last 40 years or so.

Bucket Vase by Qubus Design studio

Berdych often works and likes the contradictions of things, the juxtaposition, the new relationship between them and the process of raising slightly ordinary, almost ugly product into a new beautiful object. Jakub Berdych's works are based on the perfect craftsmenship and treatment of the material.

Bucket Vase by Qubus Design studio

Bucket Vase is one such object. A bucket, treated with beautiful glass blown material, become a luxury vase. The inspiration for this object were also the flower shops, that display all the flowers in simple bucket. Also the aim to elevate and add some "dignity" to the bucket... a simple but quite nicely shaped product.

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