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West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster and partners

West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster + Partners

UK architects Foster + Partners have also announced their proposed masterplan for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong.

West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster and partners

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Their proposal for the 40 hectare site will have seventeen cultural venues such as concert halls, as well as 30,000 square-metres of arts education facilities.

West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster and partners

The master plan involves two parks - a city park and the main nineteen hectare great park - while the streets, avenues and waterfront will be heavily planted.

West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster and partners
Image by Methanoia Studio.

All vehicular transportation will take place via an underground network with a series of access points adjacent to the main venues.

West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster and partners

Above ground is reserved for pedestrian movement, other than a series of cycling routes along the waterfront.

West Kowloon Cultural District by Foster and partners
Image by Methanoia Studio.

Explore the proposal in detail on the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority website.

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Here's some more from the architects:

Proposals launched for Foster + Partners’ ‘City Park’ at West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

Foster + Partners’ masterplan for West Kowloon Cultural District, on a reclaimed harbour-front site, has been launched in Hong Kong. ‘City Park’ will capture and recreate the unique character, the DNA, that makes Hong Kong such a great city. At its heart, a 23-hectare great park and a green avenue will provide a landscaped setting for a series of spectacular new cultural buildings – the jewels in Hong Kong’s architectural crown. These new buildings will be approachable and welcoming – places for both high culture and popular enjoyment.

The seventeen new cultural venues include a Great Opera House; M+ (a pioneering museum of modern art); concert halls; and a 15,000-seat Arena with an Expo Centre below. Arts educational facilities, apartments, offices, shops and transport links are to be fully integrated, and 2 kilometres of harbour-front promenade will give the people of Hong Kong their first chance to look back at the city’s iconic skyline. A social focus is created along a new central avenue, extending from Canton Road in the east to the Harbour Tunnel mouth in the west, along which a variety of cultural and commercial activities are integrated.

Foster + Partners brings its understanding of urban design and knowledge of Hong Kong – gained from thirty-one years’ experience in the city – to create a vibrant new cultural quarter with public spaces and buildings where public and private realms converge, social and physical boundaries are dissolved, and different groups can meet. West Kowloon’s familiar street pattern will extend into ‘City Park’ so that it becomes a natural extension of the local community. This relationship is reflected in a rich mixture of colonnades, alleyways, lanes and tree-lined promenades – streetscapes that recall the bustle of Lan Kwai Fong and thoroughfares such as Shanghai Street in Kowloon.

Though the district will attract visitors for its imaginative cultural programme, equally important are the 30,000 square metres of arts education facilities that will encourage home-grown artistic talent and benefit the people of Hong Kong.

The 19-hectare great park will have magnificent views of the harbour and Hong Kong Island, and be open and accessible to local people and visitors alike. Its sculpted terrain, with dense tree planting, will provide shade and shelter, bringing the Hong Kong countryside into the city. A series of outdoor terraces and promenades will link the cultural buildings to the waterfront with vistas to Hong Kong Island. The great park also incorporates areas for outdoor performances and exhibitions. The needs of pedestrians and cars are balanced by sinking the main vehicle route below ground level; and to further maximise parkland, the Expo Centre is embedded below the Arena, combining two functions in one compact form.

City Park will achieve a carbon-neutral rating with a synergistic system of high-efficiency and low-consumption infrastructure. The low-energy design includes district cooling/heating, grey water recycling, energy recovery systems for sewage, recycling, a waste-to-energy scheme and the generation of local, low-carbon electricity. There is also provision for solar and wind energy generation.

Lord Foster, Founder and Chairman, Foster + Partners said: “Hong Kong is a great city and this project captures what is important about its DNA: the civic spaces, the squares, the parks, the greenery, the avenues and the small side streets. At ‘City Park’ we have created a world class setting for a new cultural city for everyone.”

Mouzhan Majidi, Chief Executive, Foster + Partners said: “The West Kowloon Cultural District is an ambitious project to create a dynamic new district with a rich mix of spaces for everyone in Hong Kong. Our approach is to create a masterplan where the boundaries between living, working and playing are blurred, public space is welcoming and lively, and the quality of urban life is substantially improved. We look forward to carrying out further work on this exciting endeavour.”

Spencer de Grey, Head of Design, Foster + Partners said: “City Park belongs to the people of Hong Kong. What we have done is taken our years of experience here, listened to what people need and created a setting for a new world class cultural district that expresses the hopes and aspirations of the city. It will be the most extraordinary international destination – a new landmark on the world’s cultural map.”

West Kowloon Cultural District

Hong Kong, China 2010
Foster + Partners Team: Norman Foster, Mouzhan Majidi, Spencer de Grey, David Nelson, Andy Bow, Luke Fox, Colin Ward, Ricky Sandhu, Narinder Sagoo, Armstrong Yakubu, Mark Atkinson, Riko Sibbe, Fiona Drago, Kevin Chan, Howard Chung, Theo Malzieu, Eric Po.
Client: West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Planning and landscape consultant: Urbis
Local Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners
Retail dining and entertainment consultant: Benoy
Engineering and sustainability consultant: Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong
Transport & Traffic Consultant: MVA Hong Kong
Economic, financial and institutional consultant: GHK Hong Kong
Museum planning and operations consultant: Lord Cultural Resources
Theatre planning consultant: Theatre Projects Consultants
Theatre operations consultan: Positive Solutions
Cost consultant: Davis Langdon & Seah

Property & land consultant: CBRE Consulting
Public relations consultant: Globe Creative

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