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Biomass by Ahhaproject

Biomass by Ahhaproject

This rubbish bag by Ahhaproject of Milan and Seoul spells out how much energy the user can generate with each bag of kitchen waste collected.

Biomass by Ahhaproject

According to graphics on the bags, each full pouch collected for biomass energy production could create enough power to make 100 cups of tea, 500 slices of toast or 1000 boiled eggs.

Biomass by Ahhaproject

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The information below is from Ahhaproject:

Biomass is a valuable energy resource, which we accrue in large amounts in our kitchens.

But only 40% of this waste in Germany ends up in the bio waste bin. For many people, it is inconvenient to separate the biological waste from residual waste.

Biomass by Ahhaproject

A biodegradable bag crafted from PLA material which is easy to use and seal allows an easy replacement and removal of the bio bag.
It visualizes how much energy potential a single bag contains thus forcing us to reconsider Bio-waste disposal habits.

Biomass by Ahhaproject

The content of this garbage bag is sufficient to drive 10 kilometers with your car, to do 30 kilogram of one’s laundry, to boil 100 cups of tea, or to use your fridge for 200 hours, to recharge your mobile phone 300 times,to use a energy saving lamp for 400 hours, to toast 500 slices of bread, to cool down 700 liters bear, to make 1000 boiled eggs for breakfast, to shave 10,000 times, to listen to 12,000 hours of music on your mp3 player, or to press out the juice of 20,000 citrons...

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