Husmus by Muungano

Swedish design group Muungano have created a set of containers for collecting household recycling.

Called Husmus (housemouse), the containers are made of recycled plastic held together with plastic rivets.

They come in several sizes and are designed to nest inside kitchen cupboards.

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Here's a little text from Muungano:


Husmus (house mouse in English, the front has an abstract mouse face and with the ears as handles) that is most likely the worlds best designed and perhaps most charming recycle bin system.

The bins are made by offset printing on recycled plastics, shipped flat (this is Sweden you know) and put together by plastic rivets.

Don´t let the simple shape fool you, behind the form is some hardcore research on kitchen sizes, different types of standard module's, garbage throwing behaviour, sizes of plastics and paper bags, the weight of glass, metal, paper and so on.

The result is a system that fits under most kitchen sinks, and in which you can put most, if not all, different size of plastic and paper bags. In the bins you can throw wet biological waste and dry such as packaging.

And also by putting two or more bags in them you can use one bin for both glass and metal for example.

And hopefully people will liked them enough to perhaps use them outside the kitchen for other storage as well.

The bins or boxes cost between 15 - 22,50 euros and are produced by Muungano and can be bought directly from us.