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Shan Valla at The Temporium

The Temporium: London designer Shan Valla is selling these porcelain birds and bunnies at our pop-up store The Temporium, open until Sunday at 221 Brompton Road.

 Shan Valla at The Temporium

Made in Valla's London studio, the pieces are available glazed in white or gold luster.

Shan Valla at The Temporium

Valla also presents Gold Tops (below), bottles made of porcelain in grey or white with gold luster tops.

The Temporium runs 9-19 December at 221 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EJ. Click here for full details plus a list of participating designers and brands.

Shan Valla at The Temporium

Here's some more information about the designer:

Shan Valla is a London-based designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2009. Awarded 'New Designer of Year' for the 'subtle beauty' of her work in 2005, and winner of the 'Charlotte Frasier Award' 2008, the 'Matthews Wrightson Charitable Trust Award' 2009 and most recently the 'Grier Business Award 2010' commendation, supported by Bozena Uranowska.

Now working from her Cockpit Studio in Holborn, Shan makes her beautiful objects and installations for private clients, shops and galleries.

Shan mainly works with glass and porcelain, creating pieces for the interior. From objects that can sit in playful compositions with other products, to pieces that used in multiple create tantalizing installations. Purity and honesty of material is crucial to Shan's practice, letting its natural characteristics depict the visual language of the work.

The work is developed through making, and very hands on approach. Each different process used informs and influences the ideas that she investigates. Material qualities that may be accidental marks or imperfections are explored and exposed, then transformed into beautiful details with a mixture of complex pattern and pure simplicity.

Familiar forms afflicted with personal interventions sit alongside hand crafted unique objects in a playful juxtaposition of pattern, surface, function and material, through a series of work that explores a relationship between production and the hand made.