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FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

This three-legged wooden chair with adjustable back-rest shaped like an oar is part of a special edition collection designed by Florian Hauswirth of Switzerland.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

Above: MWC - Minimal Wood Chair

Called FHNY Collection, the range includes a nutcracker, a set of ceramic vessels with coloured strips at the bases and an oar-shaped wooden scoop.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

Hauswirth is part of Swiss design collective Postfossil.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

Above: My Wood

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FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

The following information is from Hauswirth:

FHNY Collection: materials, tools and origin

In his work, Swiss Industrial Designer Florian Hauswirth combines traditional forms and crafts with new technologies. The origin and lifecycles of materials as well as the production methods of objects are important to the Wallpaper* Award Winner 2010. The FHNY Collection, a result from Hauswirth’s artist residency from the Bernese Foundation for Applied Arts in New York, contemplates the origin of objects in terms of material, production and place.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

Above: Vessel

Through his designs, Hauswirth raises awareness of the materiality and production processes of everyday objects in a time when industrial globalization and modern production/transportation methods have left us with little or no relation to the work and efforts behind a product As an industrial designer and technical model maker Hauswirth knows these processes well and seeks to embody them in his work by creating durable and sustainable objects.

All objects of this limited edition were designed and produced in New York City.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

MWC Minimal Wood Chair

A minimalist chair from solid wood, inspired by the experimental “Minimal Chair“ developed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948. The mechanical-functional finesse of a moveable backrest, implemented in wood only, improves the comfort of this novel small wooden chair. The furniture allows two different seating positions. Another inspiration for the mechanical wooden chair was Shaker furniture. Shakers were ingenious craftspeople who, centuries ago already developed ball joints from solid wood.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

Above: Nutool


Nutool is an aluminum nutcracker, an accessory with a tool character. Products exist to serve as a tool to ease our everyday life. The cracking of a nut is something essential – the natural transport- and wrapping-shell of a fruit is being opened. Nutool is best used at the end of a day, with a fresh piece of bread and a glass of wine.

FHNY Collection by Florian Hauswirth

My Wood

The wood used for this scoop derives from a plum tree that grew next to the house where the designer was raised. Nutrition and cooking were very important in the bringing up of Florian Hauswirth and still are today. Not only should we strive for local and organic foods, our everyday objects should live up to the same sustainable expectations.

Vessel (three ceramic vessels)

The ceramics collection plays with the physical relation between fluidity and form. As vessels swim in the glaze, they are being marked - an inversion of the inside and the outside. Through this marking, the production process becomes apparent on the product. Through different prototypes, industrially appearing ceramics were created.

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