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Dezeen’s top ten: mirrors

We've featured a few projects using reflections to clever effect recently, so this month's top ten is a roundup of our most popular Dezeen stories about mirrors.

Tree Hotel by Tham and Videgard Arkitekter

1: in pole position is this mirrored cube containing the Tree Hotel in northern Sweden by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.

MR Design Office by Schemata

2: second most-popular is our recent story on this slide hidden behind the mirrored wall of a Tokyo office by Schemata Architecture Office.

NE by Isolation Unit

3: this hair salon divided by mirrored boxes by Teruhiro Yanagihara is third most popular.

Flat Mirrors by Big-Game

4: Big-Game used car windscreens for these domestic mirrors, at fourth place in our top ten.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

5: there's another hair salon in fifth place, this time by Polish studio moomoo architect.

6: at nimber six is this installation of motorised mirrors that turn to face visitors, designed by rAndom International in collaboration with Chris O’Shea.

7: seventh most-clicked is this boutique with a mirror-lined cavity by Gonzalez Haase.

Rings by Nicolas Le Moigne and A E Kochert

8: next up is this series of rings by Nicolas Le Moigne, which use mirrors to multiply or enlarge the diamonds' appearance.

In Flakes by Mount Fuji

9: Mount Fuji Architects' seating designed to reflect the cherry trees above comes in ninth.

10: tenth place goes to this mirror that reflects a clear image when viewed straight-on but appears cloudy from the side, created by Tetsuo Kondo Architects.

Want more shiny stuff? We've compiled all our stories featuring mirrors here.

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