Carousel by Adam Goodrum

Carousel by Adam Goodrum

Australian designer Adam Goodrem has designed this console table with colourful lacquered-steel legs that pierce  the table top.

Carousel by Adam Goodrum

Called Carousel, the table features three circles of coloured dots where the ends of the steel rods emerge from the table's surface.

Carousel by Adam Goodrum

The console will be on show at the Galerie Gossarez during the Pavillon des Arts et du Design in Paris this month.

Carousel by Adam Goodrum

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The following is from the gallery:

Famous Australian designer Adam Goodrum gives us a contemporary restyling of the period Louis XVI console, by revisiting its codes for our greatest pleasure:

  • Corian, the early 21st century noble material par excellence replaces mahogany
  • The table top takes the form of the characteristic half moon shape
  • The fluted legs are figured by multicoloured lacquered steel rods.

These rods project joyful spots onto the immaculate tabletop and form three elegant and colourful rounds that evoke the Carousels of our childhood, thereby giving their name to our console.

According to Adam Goodrum, Carousel uses the juxtaposition of the colourful vertical elements with the planar geometry of the tabletop to show the transition from the playfulness of childhood to the practicality necessary in everyday life.

Edition galerie Gosserez limitée à 12 exemplaires + 1 prototype

H : 76 cm -W : 110 cm -D : 48 cm

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