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Dezeen's top ten: robots

Two of our most popular movies on Dezeen Screen this month featured a robot that wakes its owner then poos on the floor and rioting robots on the streets of London, so we've compiled Dezeen's ten most popular stories about robots.

1: this conceptual high-rise with a facade that's constantly reconfigured by robotic arms is our most popular robot story.

2: second place goes to our story about Stefan Ulrich's shape-changing robot designed to relieve loneliness.

3: at number three is a robot called R-O-B  that builds walls and was responsible for the award-winning Structural Oscillations installation at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008.

4: the Outrace robots, at number four, wrote messages in the sky at last year's London Design Festival.

5: our fifth most popular robot story is Kacey Wong's robot-shaped shelter for the homeless.

6: number six is Kibwe Tavares' Robots of Brixton video, in which a downtrodden robot workforce battles with police against a backdrop of dystopian architecture.

7: the Robox shelving system by Italian designer Fabio Novembre comes in at number six.

8: a tea house for robotic kitchen appliances is our eighth most-read story about robots.

9: number nine goes to these robot figurines made from found objects and re-appropriated components by Rusti D.

10: last but not least is this week's story about a combined vacuum cleaner, alarm clock and pet by Seoul designer Jeongmi Lee.

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We’ll be back with another top ten next month!