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Pasta by Design

Competition: five copies of Pasta by Design to be won

Competition: we've teamed up with publishers Thames & Hudson to give away five copies of Pasta by Design.

Pasta by Design

Written by architect George L. Legendre, the 208 page book includes a foreword by Paola Antonelli.

Pasta by Design

It includes photographs, 3D diagrams and parametric equations of 92 different pasta types, grouped and analysed according to their mathematical and geometric properties.

Pasta by Design

This competition has now closed.

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Pasta by Design

Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Pasta by Design

Here are some more details from Thames & Hudson:

Pasta by Design (Thames & Hudson) £16.95

Fun, quirky and sure to become a cult food and design publication, this book offers an entirely fresh and idiosyncratic look at the world’s most popular food - pasta.

Everyone knows pasta. Everyone cooks pasta. Everyone eats and loves pasta. But no one has ever seen pasta presented like this. The information, developed over hundreds of hours of research, is utterly unique - and beautiful.

Pasta by Design

Architect and designer George L. Legendre has compiled and profiled 92 different kinds of pasta, classifying them into types using the science of ‘phylogeny’ (the study of relatedness among natural forms). Opening the book is a pasta family tree, revealing unexpected relationships between pasta shapes, their usage and common DNA.

Each subsequent spread is devoted to a single pasta, and features a short text that explains the food’s geographical origin, its process of manufacture as well as its etymology – alongside suggestions for minute-perfect preparation.

Pasta by Design

Next the pasta shape is rendered as both a mathematical equation and a line diagram that displays every distinctive scrunch, ridge and crimp with loving precision. Photographs by Stefano Graziani complement these meticulous renderings, showing the elegant contours of each pasta shape.

Finally a gatefold features a ‘Pasta Family Reunion’ diagram, reassembling the pasta types and grouping them by their mathematical and geometric properties.

Pasta by Design


George L. Legendre is a partner at IJP Architects in London, and was shortlisted for the NY MoMA PSI pavilion in the summer of 2011. IJP’s work has been featured on the cover of AA Files, Mondo Arc Perspective + and Icon Magazine. George is currently guest-editing a special issue of AD Magazine on the Mathematics of Sensible Things. The book is based on an idea by Marco Guarnieri.

Congratulations to the winners! Anne Mason Kemper and Peter L. Kantor in New York, Nick Heyward in Newcastle, Suzanne Perry in Vancouver and Silvina Iglesias in Milan all won copies of Pasta by Design.

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