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Today at Dezeen Platform: LingJing Yin, Mark McKeague and Ting Chung Jessica Cheng

Dezeen Platform: visitors to Dezeen Space today can stand on Dezeen Platform installation to create a soundscape by linking hands with others.

Today at Dezeen Platform: LingJing Yin

A sensor in the base sends signals to a speaker playing a combination of tracks. When people link hands (0r any other body part for that matter) the signal intensifies, increasing the volume, length and layers of sound.

Today at Dezeen Platform: LingJing Yin

The presentation is an adaptation of LingJing Yin's Touch*Play project, presented at Show RCA this summer and developed in collaboration with fellow Royal College of Art student Mark McKeague.

They previously developed toys to help autistic children explore and a mat that uses the same technology for dance performances (shown here).

LingJing Yin worked with designer Ting Chung Jessica Cheng to design the sound for this adaptation at Dezeen Platform.

Each day, for 30 days, a different designer will use a one metre by one metre space to exhibit their work at Dezeen Space. See the full lineup for Dezeen Platform here.

More about Dezeen Space here and more about the London Design festival here.

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