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In Vein by Ayala Serfaty

Israeli designer Ayala Serfaty's new collection of sculptural furniture and lighting includes upholstered pieces resembling lichen-covered stone.

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Sixteen pieces are presented at Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York as part of Serfaty's first solo exhibition in the United States.

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The furniture is covered in a textural surface incorporating layers of silk, linen and wool fibres that produces an aged look.

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Organic forms resembling rocks or tree trunks offer a base for the seamless handmade fabrics.

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Cloud-like lighting installations are made from glass filaments covered by a polymer membrane.

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The exhibition continues at Cristina Grajales Gallery until 23 December.

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Here is some more information from the gallery:

Ayala Serfaty: In Vein

November 1st – December 23rd, 2011

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Cristina Grajales Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in the United States of Israeli lighting and furniture designer Ayala Serfaty, In Vein.

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In Vein is a collection of 16 new lighting and furniture pieces that highlight Serfaty’s exploration of ancient materials merged with contemporary design. Beginning with her Soma light sculptures, Serfaty manipulates glass and polymer to expose the delicacy and behavioral nuances of the object while communicating her interpretation of nature’s complex structures. She continues this exploration with her Limited Edition Apaya lights, combining ancient wool felting techniques with modern lighting technology and transforming wool into a sculptural carrier of light in a uniquely aesthetic way.

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In her newest work, the complexity of design is focused on the intense exploration of hand made felt used to create contemporary furniture pieces. Serfaty views the object as a canvas, where silk, linen and wools are molded into emotional expressions in seamless upholstery. The combination of the layered fibers create a dense and intricate skin that provokes the viewers sensibilities.

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Serfaty studied fine art at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and Middlesex Polytechnic in London, where she completed her BFA. Alongside her artistic work, Serfaty has designed lighting and furniture for Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier. The design firm has earned international recognition for its innovative designs, which combine craftsmanship with advanced technology. In addition to her commercial ventures, Serfaty continues to explore the boundaries of art and design through her installations and studio pieces.

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Serfaty’s work is found in the collections of the Museum of Art and Design in New York and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel. Her work has been exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2008-2009, in the Museum Beelden aan Zee in the Netherlands in November of 2009, and at the London Design Museum in 2010 when she was nominated for the Brit Insurance Design Award.

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Cristina Grajales Gallery is pleased to produce a limited edition book with this exhibition.