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Recycled PET upholstery by Vescom

Recycled PET upholstery by Vescom

Dezeen Showroom: textile brand Vescom has launched a range of durable upholstery made from 100 per cent recycled plastic waste.

Vescom's new upholstery is made from recycled PET bottles obtained from local sources. These are made into a yarn that Vescom has woven into four types of soft-touch fabric, each using a classic weaving technique.

Recycled PET upholstery by Vescom
Vescom's new recycled range comes in 59 different colours, all created by mixing coloured and grey yarn

Wilson is a basic weave, Avon is a melange, Norfolk is a grid, and Harding is a twill. They come in 59 colours, each obtained by weaving one of the colours from Vescom's own specially curated yarn bank with a grey melange as the warp thread.

This approach cuts down on excess yarn production, and the overall colour is determined by how much weft is visible in each of the four weaving styles.

There are four different weave patterns, ranging from a melange to a grid

The different weaves complement each other when used in combination, and the upholstery also meets the highest performance specifications for the contract market.

Made in Vescom's German weaving mill, the upholstery is designed to be durable, long-lasting and non-toxic.

Product: Recycled PET upholstery
Brand: Vescom
Contact: [email protected]

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