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Top ten memorials

Dezeen’s top ten: memorials

This week a pair of commemorative structures by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois were our most clicked story, so our first top ten of the year features the most popular memorials from our archive.

Steilneset Memorial by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois

1: the two memorials by Zumthor and Bourgeois commemorating suspected witches burned at the stake have stormed straight into poll position in our chart.

Museo Casa de la Memoria

2: closely following is this Colombian museum that commemorates victims of conflict, entitled the Museo Casa de la Memoria.

Museum in Palmiry by WXCA

3: in third place is a museum in Poland by architects WXCA, which appears to have a bullet ridden facade.

Memorial for Tree of Knowledge by  m3architecture and Brian Hooper

4: a memorial to a tree, named Memorial for Tree of Knowledge came in as the fourth most popular story.

9/11 memorial by Michael Arad and Peter Walker

5: next up is a movie about the 9/11 memorial by Michael Arad and Peter Walker, where two fountains take the place of the destroyed World Trade Centre towers.

Yehiam Memorial Hall by SO Architecture

6: the sixth most popular story is the Yehiam Memorial Hall, which commemorates Israelis killed in the area around Yehiam during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

7 July Memorial by Carmody Groarke

7: in seventh place are the stainless steel columns of the 7 July Memorial by Carmody Groarke in London's Hyde Park.

Indian Ocean Tsunami Memorial  by Carmody Groarke

8: eighth most popular and weighing in at 115 tonnes is the granite monument to the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, also by Carmody Groarke.

Island of Memory by Britton Chambers

9: envisioned by student Britton Chambers, the Island of Memory commemorates the suffering of slaves in 18th and 19th century America.

Memorial Blocks Berlin by Daniel Clements

10: rounding up the list in tenth place is this image by photographer Daniel Clements depicting the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

See you next month for another top ten!

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