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WAHH by Philippe Starck and David Edwards

WA|HH by Philippe Starck and David Edwards

French designer Philippe Starck has created an aerosol spray that lets users enjoy alcohol without getting drunk or hungover.

WAHH by Philippe Starck and David Edwards

Each pump of the WA|HH spray delivers just 50-75 microliters of alcohol but it's spread over a much wider surface area than a drop directly applied to the tongue, releasing vapour that gives users a light-headed sensation.

WAHH by Philippe Starck and David Edwards

The feeling is temporary and there are no ill effects because there's not enough alcohol in the body to sustain drunkenness - consuming the entire canister wouldn't bring you close to inebriation. In fact you'd need 1000 sprays just to equal the alcohol in a standard shot.

WAHH by Philippe Starck and David Edwards

The spray can be applied to food or directly into the mouth and comes in two flavours: apparently Flash Quantum resembles Vodka while Demon Quantum is more spicy.

WAHH by Philippe Starck and David Edwards

Starck developed the spray with David Edwards, founder of Paris Science and art store Le Laboratoire where the first two flavours are on sale.

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Here's some more information from Le Laboratoire:

At the conclusion of its 14th experiment, Le Laboratoire presents the exhibition WA|HH, dedicated to the new mini spray of flavor WA|HH Quantum Sensations invented by Philippe Starck and David Edwards. An invitation to experi- ence an explosion of culinary sensation in the smallest imaginable form.

At the origin of the experiment: an encounter. That of Philippe Starck, creator of international renown and David Edwards, founder of Le Laboratoire, Harvard Professor, and creator of the new field of aerosol cuisine.Their commonality? The re- invention of daily experience.Their exploratory ground? The immateriality of taste and texture. From their encounter comes WA|HH Quantum Sensations, a mini spray of flavor that, while extremely small (each cartridge holds 2 milliliters of liquid), delivers 20-25 actuations that provide a gustatory and olfactive effect equivalent to a volume 1000 times as voluminous. WA|HH Quantum Sensations can be enjoyed as a spray directly into the mouth or onto foods of all kinds.

The Briefest Light-Headedness

Imagine the possibility of enjoying the pleasure of alcohol without worrying about negative consequences, to have the sensa- tion of light-headedness, without the risk of losing your senses, not to say utter drunkenness.To have the sensorial pleasure of alcohol without posing a threat to your health.This is the potential of WA|HH Quantum Sensations.The capacity to liber- ate alcohol flavors and transient vapor with minute quantities of alcohol in the form of tiny micro-particles*.The vapor from a single actuation produces a slight light-headedness, but it passes almost immediately.Taste and memory of an intense sensation remain.The quantity of alcohol that enters the body, what we call a quantum, is so small that the effects of WA|HH Quantum Sensations are transient, like an emotion.

A Sensorial Exploration

Among the videos, images and scientific explanations, the exhibition of the two first flavors of the series, WA|HH Flash Quantum and WA|HH Demon Quantum, invite the visitor to powerful and distinctive sensations.Tested by spraying directly into the mouth or onto sweet and salty bites of food (to experience in the Showroom or at the Ephemeral Bar), the surprise is gripping. As Philippe Starck says - “Everyone has an occasional need of light-headedness, distraction, and another place ... But our societies and codes of amusement have led to the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages as a kind of social placebo. The consequences are too familiar. With David Edwards, we asked ourselves whether we might provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol without running the risk of drunkenness. And WA|HH was born. Accent life with a magic wand, that was our desire”.

“What happens with the Wa|HH? i take my Wa|HH and with a single spray i feel a touch of euphoria thanks to an infinitesimal dose, a thousand times less than a glass of alcohol. the Wa|HH is a modern and intelligent alternative aligned with our own evolution, as one of the clear signs of part of the intelligent human pro- duction is dematerialization” - Philippe Starck.

“WaHH Quantum sensations contains in each quantum of flavor just 2 ml of liquid, and yet produces 20-25 actuations of vaporous sensation. it’s ability to deliver flavor with each actuation that grows in
intensity with the vapor cloud of millions of tiny micro-droplets makes WaHH an exciting food spray for the future” - David Edwards.