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Designed in Hackney: Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Designed in Hackney: Hackney designer Gitta Gschwendtner is best known for her anthropomorphic furniture and lamps, and this movie by Justin Anderson brings them to life in a surreal living room setting.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Shuttlecock Science

In the movie, shuttlecocks are fired from the Shuttlecock Science lampshade that she created for the Deptford Design Market Challenge in 2007, flowers bloom from her Wallflower vases and the Hugging Lamp scuttles away under a table.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Wallflower

Human legs mysteriously appear from beneath the Crossbreed coffee table, made of three vintage tables, and another character balances on the over-sized Alice chair.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Hugging Lamp

The Sliding Box hangs at an angle when a book is placed inside while the Strangled Lights hang above the whole scene.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Crossbreed

The music is by Jules Maxwell.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Alice Chair

Gschwendtner designs furniture, objects and interiors from her studio near the canal in Haggerston.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Strangled Lights

Dezeen first published her permanent exhibition spaces at the Wellcome Collection centre for medical science and art in London when it opened in 2007.

Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

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Living Room by Gitta Gschwendtner

Above: Sliding Box

Here's some more information from Gitta Gschwendtner

Living Room – The secret life of furniture

Filmmaker Justin Anderson has created a short film that captures the unique character of Gitta Gschwendtner’s designs. Gitta’s work often appears to have a life of it’s own - imagining autonomy for the inanimate object. Justin’s film creates a beautiful collage of surreal encounters and uncanny moments set in Gitta’s Living Room. Music by Jules Maxwell.

Gitta Gschwendtner’s practice spans the field of furniture, installation and exhibition design. She has recently completed a stunning installation for the Southbank Centre incorporating 50 poems by refugee youth’s amongst a cloud of 1000 pieces of tyvek paper. Gitta is currently working on a permanent furniture installation for the Victoria & Albert Museum, creating a seating experienced inspired by chairs from the new furniture gallery opening this year.

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