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Holzbank by Thomas Schnur

Cologne designer Thomas Schnur has designed a wooden bench with logs instead of legs and which looks a bit like the Flintstones' car.

Holzbank by Thomas Schnur

Simply called Holzbank (German for wooden bench) the piece is made of untreated larch and will turn silvery grey over time.

Holzbank by Thomas Schnur

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Holzbank by Thomas Schnur

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Holzbank by Thomas Schnur

Here's some more information from distributors Outdoorz Gallery:

Holzbank by German Design Award nominee Thomas Schnur at Outdoorz Gallery

Inspired by the honesty and simplicity of the traditional wooden bench, Holzbank retains the appearence and shape of the material from which it is made.

The strength of the design is its purety and playfulness. Crafted from untreated larch tree trunks, each bench is handmade and unique.

Natural larch wood has been used for centuries when outdoor resistance is required, it is the traditional building material for Siberian log cabins.

The finish is perfectly smooth to the touch. Left outdoors the natural wood color will gradually become silver gray.

Holzbank retains the traditional qualities and workmanship of the traditional wooden bench, reinterpreted for the urban environment.