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Appeal for help to furnish a domestic and sexual violence drop-in centre

Dezeen Wire:
 Newham Borough Council are appealing to designers and brands to help them furnish a drop-in centre for victims of domestic and sexual violence during the Olympic Games next month.

Newham are one of the host boroughs for the games and their council are concerned that the number of abuse cases will significantly increase during the period, like it does when holidays or football matches are taking place (typically by 27-29%).

"To try to mitigate this risk we have rented an office in Stratford across the street from the Olympic Park that victims of domestic or sexual violence can go to for support," says organiser Kelly Simmons. "Now our only problem is trying to find furniture to make the space comfortable for victims and staff during this seven week period. Interiors are important to people's behaviour and it would be unfortunate if we were not able to make this space comfortable for those reporting abuse."

There will be three interview rooms, two waiting rooms, a front desk, main office, small kitchen and a toilet to furnish at the One Stop Shop. They are looking to borrow seven sofas, seven chairs, five coffee tables, five lamps, a filing cabinet, a printer and a small dining table with chairs to furnish this space for two months.

Police, local solicitors firms and charities Rape Crisis, Aanchal Women's Aid, Newham Action Against Domestic Violence and Refuge have all pledged to help staff the One Stop Shop when it opens between 23 July and 13 September.

Anyone able to help should contact Simmons via email at [email protected] or over the phone on +44 20 3373 1781.