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One year ago...


This time last year we featured projects constructed from all kinds of unusual materials, including a car made of cartilage that generates its own fuel from algae, pencils created from workshop dust and a table made from polystyrene steamed inside fabric moulds.

1.3 Chair by Ki Hyun Kim

Balsa wood was the material graduate Ki Hyun Kim used to construct a dining chair that weighs just 1.3 kilograms and concrete proved popular as usual in our stories about some very heavy vases and a house that resembles a half-submerged submarine.

House in Ropponmatsu by Kazunori Fujimoto  Architect & Associates

Meanwhile, toilets became a talking point after we featured some tree-mounted urinals at a music festival, leading us to count down our top ten stories about loos.

NSEPS by Silo

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