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Boiler Suit by Thomas Heatherwick

Five years ago...

Five years ago this week woven materials and netting featured heavily in architecture and design, as Thomas Heatherwick completed an undulating facade of woven steel around the entrance to a London hospital (above) and graduate designer Sarah Moucher presented a light made from removable ceramic links (below).

Slip-cast link light by Sarah Moucher

Meanwhile, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka used laceration to transform a single piece of fabric into a net that could be draped over the steel frame of a chair (below).

Kimono Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

On Dezeen we also featured a pair of jelly shoes and matching bag with an open-weave effect by the Campana Brothers (below), as well as a chain link fence with intricate lace patterns woven in (bottom).

Melissa + Campana

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Lace Fence by Demakersvan