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Epatant by Dennis Paphitis and Lock Smeeton

Cardboard tubes divide up an old factory in Melbourne to create new gentlemen's outfitters Epatant, founded by Dennis Paphitis and Lachlan Smeeton.

Epatant by Dennis Paphitis and Lock Smeeton

"We worked with the bones of this building, which was an old wire works factory built in the late 1960s and was more recently used as a bicycle warehouse," says Paphitis. "We cleaned up and retained the original steel trusses on the ceiling and scrubbed back the concrete floors."

Epatant by Dennis Paphitis and Lock Smeeton

The shop stocks luxury menswear and accessories including "beautiful wallets, scarves, and obscure Nordic hammers," displayed on pegs round the walls and tables with deep cases in their tops, all made of local woods. More cardboard tubes were cut to form pendant lighting overhead.

Epatant by Dennis Paphitis and Lock Smeeton

"The building is flooded with natural light and butts onto an adjacent park so we look through to large eucalyptus trees from the saw-toothed roof," Paphitis told Dezeen. He's also founder of skincare brand Aesop, whose stores have frequently featured on Dezeen, including one fitted out with materials from a demolished house and a kiosk at Grand Central station made of thousands of copies of the New York Times.

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Here's some more information from Epatant:

We at Epatant believe that there are two fundamental categories of objects in the world: there are those that function without flourish, that soullessly satisfy and exist at the most basic level, and then there are those all-too-rare items that excite and amaze with both their form and function, belongings that sing, inspire and delight with every use.

Those objects used in day-to-day life ought to deliver the utmost pleasure and that’s why you’ll discover, in our modest Collingwood store and within the pages of our forthcoming website, a collection of these exceptional items, considered and collated so that you may explore and be amazed.

From individually selected vintage eyeglasses to superb silk pocket squares in just the right Neapolitan hues, whistles of supreme British quality to German underwear of the finest weave, Epatant’s product offer is founded on distinctive and authentic design, quality engineering and a celebration of irreverence.

Of course, what are mere objects without words? We have likewise pored over countless paperbacks, hardcovers and hours of footage to bring you a concise and carefully selected array of works from our favourite authors and auteurs. And in to this heady mix we offer some of our own words, thoughts and suggestions, reserved for those ideas and individuals we feel warrant particular attention.

And so it is that in July, 2012 we launch Epatant as a considered, intelligent and streamlined retail experience. Our collections and collaborators will evolve with the passage of time; measured against the seasons, our mood, and always tempered against the evils of mediocrity. Expect to be seduced and surprised.