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This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

This week the UK government's new guidelines preventing any curved or glass walls on new schools in a bid to cut costs caused a furious reaction from our readers, who called the idea "idiotic", a "very false economy" and "an absolute insult to the architecture, design and construction industry."

Germany needs “new design language,”  says German design prize organiser

Debate over the regulation of 3D-printed guns continued as open-design expert Ronen Kadushin told Dezeen that 3D printers could “print ammunition for an army” and a discussion on whether Germany needs a "new design language" followed comments from the organiser of the German design prize that "the young generation want to change something" and move away from the famous rationalist approach of the Bauhaus and the Ulm School of Design (pictured above: Braun AG Studio 1 radio and record player by Hans Gugelot and Herbert Lindinger, 1956, Ulm).

World’s tallest skyscraper to be built with ready-made ‘Meccano’ pieces

Dezeen travelled to travelled to Beijing Design Week where the emphasis was on craft and slow processes, coinciding with the news that a Chinese construction company plans to build the world's tallest skyscraper in just seven months using a pre-fabricated kit of parts (above).

World Architecture Festival 2012

We've also been in Singapore for the World Architecture Festival, where Wilkinson Eyre Architects scooped the top prize for their Cooled Conservatories for the Gardens by the Bay tropical gardens (above). Watch an interview we filmed with them at the ceremony here, see category winners from days one and two and see all our coverage of the event here.

“I’m a passionate architect… I do not work  for money” – Peter Zumthor

Meanwhile our interview with Peter Zumthor (above), in which he told us “I’m a passionate architect… I do not work for money”, sparked both admiration and irritation among our readers.

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