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This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

This week architects have been unveiling concepts for the redevelopment of New York's Grand Central Terminal and SOM's ring-shaped observation deck sliding up and down two skyscrapers proved the most controversial for our commenters, who set about mocking up some hilarious alternative renderings.

Dezeen featured in Apple’s MacBook Pro launch

We're proud to say Dezeen was featured in another Apple product launch, this time to demonstrate the pixel quality on the new MacBook Pro.

Arcades by Troika

This week we've been in Kortrijk, Belgium, for the Interieur design biennale, where we saw Troika's gothic arches made from light beams that seem to bend and a collection of furniture that can be squashed to 5% of its original size for easy transportation and then expanded “like popcorn” by heating it up.

Dezeen’s top ten projects at Design Academy  Eindhoven graduation show

We also travelled to Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week and you can see all our favourite projects from Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show here.

Invisible Bookend by Paul Cocksedge

An invisible bookend by Paul Cocksedge was one of our most popular stories, with readers arguing over whether it was worth paying £50 for a product you can't see.

Quivering wire crossing by bureau faceB wins Paris bridge competition

In Paris a wobbling platform made of steel cables won a competition to design a bridge over the Seine and in London news spread that the firm responsible for making its iconic black taxis is to go bust.

Maker of London cabs goes  into administration

Our coverage of rapid-prototyping innovation continued with a 3D-printed house, which our readers thought looked like a "dinosaur head made of spaghetti".

ProtoHouse by Softkill Design

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