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Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Dezeen promotion: designer David Oxley has launched a slender, adjustable LED task lamp on crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

The Harvey LED task lamp has adjustable joints that are held together with magnets rather than springs or cantilevers, allowing a wider variety of movements than a typical desk lamp. LEDs mounted in the head direct light towards a metal reflector, giving an even quality of light.

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Named after English physician William Harvey, the design is inspired by the classic form of traditional surgeons' lamps and it is available in either black or white. A smaller version with only two joints, the Harvey Jnr, is also available in both colours.

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Pledging to buy a lamp will ensure the design goes into production. Harvey is priced at £99 and the Harvey Jnr is £79, both with free shipping in the UK. A universal plug is included for international buyers. Visit the Harvey LED task lamp Kickstarter page here for more information and to back the project.

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Here is some text from David Oxley:

Project description

The Harvey LED task lamp combines state of the art LED lighting with a unique new fully adjustable joint.

Innovative new joint: Harvey is fully adjustable

What makes Harvey unique are the magnetic joints consisting of precision die cast aluminium with neodymium magnets housed inside. This allows for a massive range of movement and positions, whilst requiring the lightest of touches to adjust. The user can simply twist, push or pull the head to where they need more light. The strength of the magnets (four for each joint), combined with the super light body, results in a firm hold with no need for springs or cantilevers.

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Cutting edge LEDs: Harvey is super bright and energy efficient

I named the lamp after William Harvey, the English physician who described completely the circulation of blood in the body. That’s because the light in Harvey is inspired by surgeons lamps, and consists of super bright Philips Luxeon LEDs which are fixed on an aluminium heat sink in the centre of the head. In my design, this light is diffused through a frosted glass disc and bounces off the curved metal reflector giving a well-directed even light source (avoiding the harshness often associated with LED lighting). The lamp produces 370 lumens of brightness whilst using only 3 Watts so is energy ‘A’ rated. However, in some situations super bright is not always best, and a dimmer is included so Harvey is at home in the home.

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Harvey Junior

Harvey Junior is a smaller version of the Harvey lamp, with one less joint. It is ideal as a bedside lamp. All other aspects of Harvey Junior are the same as the original.


Harvey is priced at £99 and Harvey Junior is £79, with free delivery in the UK. These prices are a major discount from the future retail price, and are exclusive for the Kickstarter campaign which is ending on December 14th.

Harvey LED task lamp launched on Kickstarter

Technical specification

» 370 lumens brightness
» 3 Watts
» 3000K colour temperature (warm white)
» 50,000 hour minimum LED life
» Three pivot points of articulation
» 360° lower arm rotation
» Maintenance free joints
» Dimmer included
» Convection airflow head for heat dissipation
» 1 metre horizontal and vertical reach
» Base weight 2.5KG
» Arm weight 0.3KG
» Burgundy or black power cord
» Energy efficiency ‘A’ rating
» Universal plug supplied

Quotes about the Harvey project:

» "brilliant idea, beautifully executed", Tim Ball - Coventry University
» “beautiful desk lamp... an awesome project”,
» “both technically remarkable and quite beautiful”, Johnny Magee - Manchester School of Art
» “cool new project out of Manchester”,
» “the Harvey lamp is what I need”,

About me

I'm a product designer based in Manchester. I work for TouchStar Technologies producing intrinsically safe handheld computers for industry. I have over ten years experience designing, developing and bringing products to market. I was also a guest lecturer at Salford University on the Product Design course. I have a passion for design, and so have produced Harvey in my spare time.