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Tokyo Table by Loïc Bard

Product news: this wooden coffee table by Canadian designer Loïc Bard has a gaping mouth for swallowing narrow books and magazines.

Tokyo Table by Loic Bard

Tokyo Table features a distorted circular tabletop that houses the magazine compartment within one end. It is built from bleached maple and it stands on three rounded legs.

Tokyo Table by Loic Bard

Designer Loïc Bard said he created the table during a winter in Montreal and was inspired by childhood memories of a trip to Japan: "I designed this coffee table while remembering the sober atmosphere, the simplicity of the utensils and the rustic environment of the tea ceremony."

"It focuses on a simple aesthetic and the discreet compartment is ideal for hiding books, laptops, magazines and newspapers entirely out of sight," he added.

Tokyo Table by Loic Bard

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Photography is by Andy Long Hoang.