Wearable Futures Makeup by Alex Box

Competition: 50 tickets for Wearable Futures to be won

Competition: as media partner for the Wearable Futures event taking place in London in December, Dezeen is giving away 50 tickets to attend the two-day exhibition and conference dedicated to technology for the body.

Wearable Futures will explore current and prospective technologies, making links between business, technology, design and fashion.

All forms of wearable technology will be discussed over the two days, with talks and seminars covering how wearables will impact sectors such as health, retail and the city.

Wearable Futures Peter Gregson
Peter Gregson

Speakers will include designer Daan Roosegaarde, whose projects include clothing that changes opacity when heart rate increases, and technologist James Bridle, who also spoke at our Designed in Hackney Day.

Visitors will be able to try on and test some of the technologies, plus create their own wearable prototypes in a special lab.

The event will take place at London's Ravensbourne College on 10 and 11 December. Find out more about the event here.

Wearable Futures Lauren Bowker for Peachoo and Krejberg
Lauren Bowker for Peachoo+Krejberg

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More information from the organisers follows:

Wearable Futures 2013 brings together the worlds of design, technology and social science to uncover the future wearable landscape. Over 10-11 December Ravensbourne in London will play host to 50 thinkers and doers from around the world showcasing, debating, reflecting, and sharing their vision for the future of wearables, from smart materials to new technologies. Speakers include Daan Roosegaarde, Lauren Bowker, James Bridle and Clara Gaggero.

The event will explore wearables across all forms; from those that are embedded to those that surround us; from function and problem solving to enabling expression. The two days will include a wide ranging programme of talks, interactive and immersive installations, and the chance to get your hands dirty experimenting with new technologies and digital making for wearables, as well as designing your own wearable for the future.

Wearable Futures Push Snowboarding by Vitamins Design
Push Snowboarding by Vitamins Design

Just some of the Wearable Futures speakers:

Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen who describes herself as a Materials Alchemist will be talking about the potential of integrating biological chemicals and electronic technology with fashion.

Clara Gaggero, director of Design and Research at Vitamins will be explaining the origins of wearables and their history right up to the current day, and exploring the role of wearables now and in the future.

Caroline Till from Textile Futures will discuss biological design and living technology, in relation to Future Wearables.

Jessi Baker, a Creative Technologist who has worked with clients such as LVMH, Galleries LaFayette and Mulberry, will talk about the role of open data in wearables and the future of retail.

Despina Papadopoulos from Studio 5050 NYC will discuss the ethics of wearables and explore the concept of the qualified self rather than the quantified self.

Leading international make up artist Alex Box will talk about how she continues to push and blur the boundaries between technology, make-up, the skin and the human body.

 Digital Makeup by Alex Box Vitamins Design for Gareth Pugh
Digital Makeup by Alex Box for Gareth Pugh

Simon Roberts, formerly senior design anthropologist at Intel, will describe a set of lenses that helps us understand the different speed at which social and cultural conventions and technology develop and what that means for how we respond to wearables.

Zoe Romano, founder of Makerfaire Rome, an associate at arduino, and founder of openwear.org will talk about Wearables, DIY and Empowerment.

Kuniharu Takei, one of MIT's Top Innovators Under 35, will be talking about his innovations in nano-materials including current work on a smart bandage that will be able to sense and respond to glucose level, skin temperature and more.

Tomas Diez, the creator of Smart Citizen Kit will be talking about wearables in the city.

Wearable Futures will also be presenting The Futures 10, an exhibition of 2D and 3D responses to questions that we have set to leading thinkers and doers including Ben Hammersley (Wired) and Peter Gregson (the Electric Creative CoLab). Themes that will be explored include Wonder, Consciousness, Echo, Absorb, Hybrid and Memories.