"There is a little bit of playfulness in Orolog watches" - Jaime Hayón

Movie: in this exclusive interview Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayón discusses the design of his first watch collection, which is available to buy now at Dezeen Watch Store.


Orolog by Jamie Hayon

Orolog is a new watch brand created by Hayón and his business partner Ian Lowe.

The OC1 series, the brand’s first collection, is a chronograph timepiece featuring a square stainless steel case and leather strap.

Orolog by Jamie Hayon

"The idea of the watch is very simple," says Hayón. "I wanted to do a very compact case that has details of different influences that I thought were nice to put together."

"It's a little bit of a new classic, that's the idea I had from the beginning."

Orolog by Jamie Hayon

The OC1 series comes in five colourways, including a green and blue version among more traditional colours such as brown, black and white. Each colour is available in a limited-edition run of 999 pieces.

Orolog by Jamie Hayon

"I thought about a mixture of colours and combinations that could be classic as well as some that could be sporty or some that are more, let's say, shocking," says Hayón. "The pieces are going to be limited, they're pretty exclusive."

Orolog by Jamie Hayon

Orolog features a number of subtle details. The face of the watch has a distinctive quilted texture, while the glass that encases it is slightly curved.

Each watch is made in Switzerland and features a robust Ronda quartz chronograph movement inside.

Orolog by Jamie Hayon

"There's a little bit of playfulness in the watch, which I wanted from the beginning," Hayón says. "The idea was always to create something strong enough that also looks good and has those little details that make it unique."

Orolog OC1 by Jaime Hayón is available now at Dezeen Watch Store with free worldwide shipping.

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Jaime Hayon
Jaime Hayon. Copyright: Dezeen