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GreeM hair salon with artifical light and shadow by Takara Space Design

White and black painted patches create artificial shafts of light and shadows on the walls of this salon in Japan by Tokyo studio Takara Space Design.

greeM hair salon by Yozo Suzuki

Architect Yozo Suzuki of Takara Space Design converted a former cafe in the Yamanashi Prefecture to create the hair and beauty salon, which is entitled GreeM.

The space had only small windows, so the architect used different shades of paint to exaggerate the appearance of light and shadow, in an attempt to brighten up an otherwise dark room.

greeM hair salon by Yozo Suzuki

"White and grey paintings, and artificial lighting on the walls looks like daylight from the windows," said Suzuki. "With the combination of painted lights, shadows and lighting we tried to [add] the comfort that natural light has."

The shades range from grey, light grey, white and cream, and the lighter patches are used to highlight seating areas and product displays.

greeM hair salon by Yozo Suzuki

There are two hair-dressing stations at the front of the space, with a hair-washing tucked away in a separate room.

Mirrors sit within chunky wooden frames, while wood-like vinyl tiles cover the floor.

greeM hair salon by Yozo Suzuki

Photography is by Keisuke Miyamoto.

Here's some information from Yozo Suzuki:

Daylight of painting

There was a dark space which previous use is a cafe with small windows. Client requested us to convert the space to a beauty salon with low budget.

The way that we suggested was painting lights and shadows on the interior walls. White and grey paintings and artificial lightings on the wall look like daylight from the windows.

Floor plan of greeM hair salon by Yozo Suzuki
Floor plan - click for larger image

With the combination of painted lights, shadows and lighting,we tried to make a comfort as a natural light has. Customers can enjoy differences from ordinary lights.

Project name: greeM
Location: 4709-1 Ryuchi Kai-city Yamanashi Japan
Floor size: 45 sq m
Use: beauty salon for men and women. Hair cut, hair colour, hair perm, shampoo and head spa.
Floor: vinyl tile (wooden printed)
Wall: paint (white and grey)
Ceiling: paint on steel structures