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Floor lamp that tilts backwards by Mifune Design Studio

This floor lamp by Japanese designer Yasutoshi Mifune leans backwards to cast light at an angle.

floor lamp soso by mifune design studio

The SOSO lamp by Mifune Design Studio is made of sheet steel. It has a triangulated base that tapers as it rises into a bent-over pyramid with one curved edge, which allows the lamp to tilt at an angle of 30 degrees.

floor lamp soso by mifune design studio_dezeen_4

"I wanted to make a floor lamp which has different forms depending on the angles and directions in which it is seen, by changing its inclination," Mifune told Dezeen. "When this lamp is used, the lamp's body, the floor and the ceiling are lit by the reflection of its own light."

floor lamp soso by mifune design studio_dezeen_3

A cylindrical lamp shade is supported off-centre at the top and contains a fluorescent light source.