Designs by Marcel Wanders and Studio Job feature in Moooi's latest collection

Milan 2014: the latest collection from Dutch design brand Moooi, including furniture and lighting by Marcel Wanders and Studio Job, will launch at this year's Milan design week (+ slideshow).

Cocktail chair by Marcel Wanders

Moooi's collection includes products by the brand's creative director Marcel Wanders, who has designed a range of seating upholstered with bold prints.

Bassotti Sideboards by Marcel Wanders

Other designs by Wanders include tables with marble tops and curving metal feet, a set of dining furniture that comes in solid oak or birch, and colourful lounge chairs that have stumpy wooden feet.

Love Sofa high back by Marcel Wanders

Wanders' Inkborn table lamp features small bulbs and lampshades on the ends of curling metal tendrils that form a candelabra with a cylindrical marble base.

Inkborn Table Lamp by Marcel Wanders

Dutch collective Studio Job has created a chunky desk with integrated cupboards and a stained oak veneer surface. Other pieces of the desk are available in white or a range of bright colours.

Paper Desk 140 Patchwork by Studio Job

Glass bubbles cover the bulbs on Bertjan Pot's Prop lights, which are shaped like disks or oblongs that can by mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or stood on the floor.

Prop Light Floor by Bertjan Pot

Wood-framed cabinets by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk come in a selection of shapes and sizes, and feature surfaces inlaid with leafy patterns.

Tudor Cupboard by Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk

Two layers of mouth-blown glass form globe-shaped lamps by Scholten and Baijings. The inner layer is patterned with dots or lines, and the pendants feature colourful tops and cords.

Colour Globe Orange Grid by Scholten and Baijings

Products by Danny Fang and Alvin Tjitrowijo are also included in the range.

Salago Familly by Danny Fang

The collection will debut at Moooi's Unexpected Welcome exhibition at Via Savona 56 in Milan's Tortona district, from 7 to 13 April.

Taffeta Chair Green by Alvin Tjitrowirjo

Here's some information about the collection from Moooi:

Bassotti Coffee Table by Marcel Wanders

A table for every occasion or a combination of tables placed side by side and onto each other to decorate with elegance, practical sense & a touch of humour. The Bassotti table collection by Marcel Wanders merges the solid grace of marble table tops with the shiny lightness of classically shaped legs.

Bassotti Tables by Marcel Wanders

Bassotti Sideboard by Marcel Wanders

A combination of practical, light wooden compartments and of classically sculptured legs, the Bassotti sideboards by Marcel Wanders embody the perfect storage solution for any home or office environment. Feel free to explore their potential by re-arranging them in different compositions to your hearts content!

Bassotti Table and Sideboards by Marcel Wanders

CANVAS 230*115 and Canvas Footstool by Marcel Wanders

Enjoy the comforts of a cozy lounge & sofa that make you feel like an expert art lover sitting on a canvas of hazy dreams.

Bassotti Tables by Marcel Wanders

Cloud Footstool by Marcel Wanders

Have you ever wished that you could fall into the softness of a white cloud that looks like cotton candy? After a brief reality check this daydream is forgotten, until you catch a glimpse of the Cloud sofa by Marcel Wanders, a composition of rounded shapes & soft white cushions.

Canvas 230 and Canvas footstool by Marcel Wanders

Cocktail Chair by Marcel Wanders

Mix the lightness of your favourite cocktail with the weight of Dutch historical heritage, while comfortably lounging in Marcel Wanders' Cocktail chair. Its straightforward design is luxuriously enveloped in a stylish signature woven textile, Heritage for cocktail. With its black and white symbols of Dutch legacy, this woven jewel adds a cultural patchwork of photography and graphics to the chair's instant flair.

Colour Globe by Scholten & Baijings

The Colour Globe lamps by Scholten & Baijings inaugurate a new collaboration with Moooi in the name of refinement and transparency. Two layers of fine mouth blown glass run parallel in a rounded embrace of playful details and colourful contrasts that optically blend into each other, generating a dynamic effect. Through the glass layers beats its heart, a bright LED lamp enclosed and protected by an opal shrine.

Colour Globe Blue Dot by Scholten and Baijings

Container Oval 210 by Marcel Wanders

A new versatile family member enters the Container Table series by Marcel Wanders. Available in the same materials & colours as its sibling, it combines soft, rounded shapes with a slender body: a dream of many. Find the perfect Container Table Oval for your needs or those of your home, working area or public space.

Container Oval Top 210 by Marcel Wanders

Container Oval 260 by Marcel Wanders

A new versatile family member enters the Container Table series by Marcel Wanders. Available in the same materials & colours as its sibling, it combines soft, rounded shapes with a slender body: a dream of many. Find the perfect Container Table Oval for your needs or those of your home, working area or public space.

Container Oval Top 260 by Marcel Wanders

Inkborn Table Lamp by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders’ Inkborn table lamp conveys the rounded shapes of traditional chandeliers and encloses the futuristic substance of an electro sandwich. This new family member combines ingenious technology and timeless charm!

Kroon 7 Champagne Glow Matt by Marcel Wanders

A softer version of the Kroon lamp by ZMIK (Matthias Mohr & Rolf Indermühle) in a Golden Glow Matt, brings a touch of sunshine to its star-like design. Its new light (champagne) matt features facilitate the diffusion of a golden glow that adds an intense feeling of warmth and coziness to a very cool design!

Kroon 11 Champagne Glow Matt by Marcel Wanders

A softer version of the Kroon lamp by ZMIK (Matthias Mohr & Rolf Indermühle) in a Golden Glow Matt, brings a touch of sunshine to its star-like design. Its new light (champagne) matt features facilitate the diffusion of a golden glow that adds an intense feeling of warmth and coziness to a very cool design!

L'Afrique Carpet by Marcel Wanders

The print of L'Afrique carpet is familiar and mysterious at the same time. Typical elements of traditional African iconography are swallowed into a dense jungle of foliage becoming iconic, yet outspoken symbols of power. Looking into this fantasy world feels like hiding away behind one of the tribal masks, into the dark, with its intricate ramifications of feelings, fears and longings … a place where anything can happen.

Love Chair by Marcel Wanders

Love Sofa, Love Chair and Love Sofa High Back by Marcel Wanders

Have you ever fallen in love with a chair or on a sofa? Both experiences are possible, even probable while enjoying a romantic dinner for two in the Love chair or cuddling up with your sweetheart in one of the Love sofas by Marcel Wanders. Their cosy, soft and rounded shapes are available in several textile options, including the designers' tailor made signature textile 'Plush', made of a soft, luxurious synthetic fur that looks like the cutest white, fluffy teddy bear. One of the sofas has a higher backrest because, as we know, love comes in all shapes & forms. The intimacy of two people snuggled up together is what truly matters. Whether you are flirting with your beloved or with a box of chocolate, enjoy the sweetness of Love!

Love Sofa by Marcel Wanders

Nest Chair and Nest Sofa by Marcel Wanders

The Nest collection's linear, clear metal structure lifts the plumpest and softest cushions from the floor, creating a comfy, elevated nest for one or more people. For the lovers of fresh, colourful prints Marcel Wanders has developed two signature textiles with a heart of sunshine: 'One minute', with its instant splashes of blue skies, and 'Flower bits', with a bloom of flowers and butterflies.

Nest Chair Old Blue by Marcel Wanders

Nut Dining Chair, Nut Lounge Chair and Nut Footstool by Marcel Wanders

Sitting in the warm embrace of the Nut dining and lounge chair by Marcel Wanders you will feel protected and as precious as the most beautiful pearl in the sea. The precious flavour of its design and the rich pattern of its textiles distinguish it from the mass. Its cushions enclose you in the comfortable embrace of Marcel Wander’s signature textile 'Oil'.

Nest Sofa Flower Bits by Marcel Wanders

Paper Desk 140 and Paper Desk 180 by Studio Job

Have you ever dreamt of a classic-looking desk made of white paper and cardboard? Thinking outside the box, Studio Job makes that crazy idea come true by extending their renowned Paper collection to our studios and working areas with the playful utility of the Paper Desk. Its surface, made of dark stained oak veneer, brings a touch of warmth to an otherwise candid desk.

Nut Lounge Chair Oil with Footstool Oil by Marcel Wanders

Prop Light, Prop Light Wall and Floor, Prop Light Round and Prop Light Round Floor by Bertjan Pot

"We have round lights, we have straight lights. We have them with lights on one side, we have them with lights on two sides. You can hang them high, low, horizontally, vertically or even hang them in an angle. Put them on the floor, hang them on your wall or down from the ceiling. We find it very hard to imagine an interior where this prop is not in place", Bertjan Pot.

Nut Dining Chair White Leather by Marcel Wanders

Indeed the most versatile lamp ever, the straightforward yet ingenious Prop Light by Bertjan Pot represents the perfect lighting solution for literally any kind of interior. Whether you prop it up against a wall, hang it from a ceiling or place it on a floor, its bubbly form and pure spirit brighten up any kind of environment with a fresh, timeless elegance. Enjoy ethereal spheres of light in your home, at the office or in a public space.

Prop Light Round Double by Bertjan Pot

Salago by Danny Fang

The Salago lamp by Danny Fang is born out of his fascination for the timeless value of mastering a craft in contrasts with the quick pace of mass production. By combining the techniques of papier-mache and paper pulping he creates a lamp with a strong structure and incredibly light body.

Taffeta Sofa Orange by Alvin Tjitrowirjo

Taffeta Sofa and Chair by Alvin Tjitrowirjo

Inspired by the crafts of traditional Indonesian textile weavers, Alvin Tjitrowirjo's Taffeta sofa and chair embody the spirit of local craftsmanship applied to decorate sacred places housing important celebratory occasions. Their blown up woven structure adds a playful twist to the softness of the rounded shapes and to the delicate flower & fruit motif of the cushions.

Tapered Table by Moooi Works and Nut Dining Chairs by Marcel Wanders

Tapered Table 190 * 100 and Tapered Table 250 * 100 by Moooi Works

If you are looking for an elegant, fine table to lighten up your dining room but don't want to give up the warm appearance of wood, this is the table for you! Around its tapered wooden surface you can entertain your friends in style, enjoy a family dinner or check your e-mail while savoring a drink. Although delicate and light legged, its structure of solid oak will support any amount of treasures you can possibly think of.

Tapered Table White Washed by Moooi Works

Tudor by Joost van Bleiswijk & Kiki van Eijk

Tudor Cupboard

The Tudor Cupboard is the perfect grand space to store your good tableware, shiny glassware and all sorts of curiosities or clothing. With all the grace of its tall and dignified appearance, it will protect precious treasures and great memories with the constancy and devotion of a loyal friend.

Tudor Buffet

The Tudor Buffet is the ideal decorative sideboard that you can trust with your dearest belongings and cherished family board games. At the same time it will support and emphasize a beautiful lamp or a bouquet of flowers with the strength of solid wood & the gracefulness of woven textiles.

Tudor Low Cupboard

The Tudor Cabinet is the smallest member of the Tudor family but no less in value or strength. Your old typewriter or beloved leather bag will make themselves at home in its cozy compartments, where you can also conceal unfinished paperwork or an eccentric garden gnome…

Valentine Table Lamp by Marcel Wanders

Valentine Table Lamp by Marcel Wanders

After the sparkling excitement of Valentine & Valentine Baby, please meet the new family member: Valentine Table Lamp. Love at first sight is guaranteed with its warm glow of its florid heart. "A magic mirror and the power of crystals transform a simple shell into an endless light bouquet of flowers" - Marcel Wanders.

Zio Collection by Marcel Wanders

Zio Dining Chair

Dining at home acquires a whole new meaning with the classic elegance and contemporary comfort of the Zio dining chair by Marcel Wanders. Sitting in its solid, sculptured wooden structure and soft cushioned body makes you feel immediately at ease, ready for an exquisite meal and a sharp conversation!

Zio Lounge Chair and footstool by Marcel Wanders

Zio Lounge Chair and Footstool

Lean back, close your eyes, relax your arms on the smooth armrests and grant yourself the time to drift your imagination away, beyond your surroundings, into the street, beyond the starry night. Living your fantasies is easy while cosily sitting in the solid softness of Marcel Wanders' Zio lounge chair!

Zio Coffee Tabl by Marcel Wanders

Zio Coffee Table

The perfect living room mates any time of the day. Marcel Wanders' Zio coffee tables bring a touch of playful elegance to your afternoons, either entertaining friends or while enjoying a quick coffee on a busy day. Their rounded silhouette and sharp looks come in two sizes, so that you can find the right fit for any space!

Zio Dining Table by Marcel Wanders

Zio Dining Table

In most households the table is the central piece of the dining room, the heart around which families gather, entertain and relax. Many special memories revolve around its steady presence. With their graceful look and refined details, the Zio tables by Marcel Wanders bring a touch of style to any moment.

Zio Buffet by Marcel Wanders

Zio Buffet

The perfect place to store away serious paperwork, endearing photographs and pieces of past memories, the Zio buffet by Marcel Wanders conveys a solid, classy appearance with a touch of playfulness. Trust it with anything: it will protect your finest treasures and support flower vases or car keys with dignity.

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