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Jamie Zigelbaum's acrylic stalactite lights respond to movement underneath

New York based designer Jamie Zigelbaum has created Triangular Series, an installation of stalactite-like acrylic lights for Design Miami/ Basel that react to the movement of people passing underneath (+ movie).

The site-specific lighting installation is composed of multiple white lights shaped like elongated pyramids with the tips sliced off at an angle.

Jamie Zigelbaum

"Triangular Series is inspired by the similarities between living and non-living patterns and motivated by the desire to understand the possibilities for communication between entities as different as lights and the human beings below," Zigelbaum told Dezeen.

Made of acrylic and steel, and lit using LEDs, sensors and custom electronics and software, each piece in the installation can detect the other objects around it and movement below, reacting to any changes by altering the light it emits.

Jamie Zigelbaum

The result is an unpredictable display of light above and triangular projections below.

"As you walk beneath Triangular Series your physiology changes the behaviour of the lights, which in turn changes your physiology," said the designer.

Jamie Zigelbaum

"It is my hope that this simple dialogue between such different entities provokes a sense of the world’s vast mystery."

Triangular Series was commissioned by art and design fair Design Miami/ Basel and made its debut on June 16 2014 in Basel, Switzerland.