Competition: win one of five Mackintosh School of Architecture annuals

Competition: we've teamed up with students from Mackintosh School of Architecture at Glasgow School of Art to give away five copies of MacMag39, the latest edition of their annual publication.

Congratulations to the winners! Alexia Michael, Liam Andrews and Rachael Browne in the UK, Reinis Salins in Latvia and Marcin Kwietowicz in Poland. They each receive a copy of MacMag39.

Students from the Mackintosh School of Architecture at Glasgow School of Art
Students from the Mackintosh School of Architecture at Glasgow School of Art

The 184-page book is set to the backdrop of an eventful academic year, which saw the opening of the new Reid building by Steven Holl Architects as well as a devastating fire in the School's world-famous Mackintosh building.

In June this year, a fire broke out in the basement of the building on the same day that students were due to hand in their final year projects.

Firefighters were able to limit the damage and save 90 per cent of the building, which is considered to be the greatest work by Scottish architect Rennie Mackintosh, but a number of students from the Fine Art department lost their work.

Work by student David Fleck
Work by student David Fleck

Despite this, a team of students decided to carry on the school's annual tradition and create a publication to showcase a range of graduate projects, alongside articles and interviews with prominent architects and members of the School.

The book is dedicated to the firefighters and rescue service workers who helped battle the fire, as well as the students and staff affected by it.

Interview with Chris McVoy, Senior Partner at Steven Holl Architects
Interview with Chris McVoy, senior partner at Steven Holl Architects

Based on the theme of old versus new, a sizeable portion of the book's pages are dedicated to exploring the dialogue between the Reid and Mackintosh buildings.

The book's middle pages contains a comparison of the Reid and Mackintosh buildings
The book's middle pages looks at the dialogue between the Reid and Mackintosh buildings

MacMag39 was edited by Sofi Campbell, Lawrence Khoshdel, Natalie Pollock and Arseni Timofejev, who have built an accompanying digital platform that includes a video page and an online game made in collaboration with Spirit of Space and Steven Holl Architects.

This competition is now closed. Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners' names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeen Mail newsletter and at the top of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

Here is more from the student editors of MacMag39:

The book's central themes of old and new, tradition and innovation, analogue and digital are explored through a selection of student work as well as articles and interviews. These have been especially relevant to the School which has seen the opening of a new Reid building by Steven Holl Architects and the fire in the original GSA building by C. R. Mackintosh.

Work by Chua Wearn Hong
Work by Chua Wearn Hong

In light of recent events, MacMag39 has been dedicated to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland and to all those who have been affected by the fire in the Mackintosh building.

In line with their theme, the student Editors – Sofi Campbell, Lawrence Khoshdel, Natalie Pollock and Arseni Timofejev – have also created a digital platform that supplements the physical publication with a visual blog, video page and social media expanding on what is possible in print.

Photos of the spaces in the Mackintosh building that were lost during the fire
Photos of the spaces in the Mackintosh building that were lost during the fire

They have also partnered with Spirit of Space to deliver a game that uses short video clips to provide an exclusive insight into the design decisions by Steven Holl Architects that shaped the Reid building. Interviews with American architect Steven Holl and Spirit of Space are among many that can be found in the publication.

The student work that traditionally lies at the heart of the publication provides an interesting insight into how Mac students combine analogue and digital techniques, with brief project descriptions giving a good overview of the design philosophy of the School.

Interview with Spirit of Space
Interview with Spirit of Space

In addition to designing, producing and publishing the MacMag39, student Editors have also worked with PurePrint to make the publication carbon-neutral.

They have also been helping the GSA Library spread an appeal for previous MacMags that have been lost in the fire, and have collaborated with textiles students to produce a limited run of digitally designed, individually printed MacMag tote bags that help raise funds and awareness of the Mackintosh Building Appeal.

The book is on sale now for £12.00 at