Dezeen's #milanogram2015 highlights: day five

Milan 2015: it's been raining in Milan today and visitors have been posting their damp experiences to our #milanogram2015 Instagram hashtag. Read on for a selection of today's most popular images from the city-wide design fair.

Many visitors opted to head for cover as the rain began to fall today, but some braved it and donned water-resistant clothing instead.

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Others captured photographs of the city's key landmarks in the drizzle, including the Duomo di Milano.

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One photographer caught out by the rain decided to make the best of it and pictured herself reflected in the mirrored installation for the Mindcraft exhibition created by design duo GamFratesi.

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Despite the bad weather, visitors still managed to enjoy Italy's famous gelato during breaks between the exhibitions and events.

Other popular images on our #milanogram2015 hashtag today included a colourful snap of baby Panton chairs and Fabio Novembre's installation for Replay.

Finally, the most popular image posted to our Instagram account today was captured by British designer Sebastian Cox. The lights depicted are designed by Apparatus.

See all of the images captured in Milan so far by browsing #milanogram2015. The best picture of the week will win a NAVA watch by designer Denis Guidone, courtesy of Dezeen Watch Store.