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Daniele Ragazzo's Liaison Table is supported by giant pin-shaped legs

Milan-based designer Daniele Ragazzo has created a table with a circular glass tabletop supported by thin stainless-steel legs that resemble upturned ball-headed sewing pins.

Liaison Table by Daniele Ragazzo

The legs of the Liaison Table are made of hand-polished stainless steel and are kept in place with ultraviolet curing glue – an adhesive that sets instantly when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The coloured balls at the base of each support are made of powder-coated steel. Together, the legs look like an assortment of pins used to hold fabric in place before sewing.

Liaison Table by Daniele Ragazzo

The pins are angled slightly in different directions to create a solid structure for supporting a 15-millimetre pane of glass.

"The idea came from my desk," Ragazzo told Dezeen. "I used to have a rubber with some coloured pins stuck into it. I used to play with it and one day I realised that it could stand perfectly and looked like a small table."

Liaison Table by Daniele Ragazzo

"It was something I had in front of my eyes every day when I lived in Turin," he added. "Then I moved to Milan, and one day that image came into my mind from nowhere."

Designed for everyday use, the table comes with a larger rectangular top or a smaller circular surface that requires less pins.

Liaison Table by Daniele Ragazzo

"I imagine it in large living spaces and it is structured to enable people to be seated around it comfortably," said Ragazzo. "However, it is not a table you can move frequently because of its weight and its balancing logic."

Nine limited-edition Liaison Tables are available to purchase from the Spazio Rossana Orlandi gallery in Milan and the designs can also be made to order in any size or shape.