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Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance creates colourful modular seating for Bernhardt Design

NeoCon 2015: French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has created a collection of lozenge-shaped seats for American brand Bernhardt Design, intended to break up large public spaces like lobbies and lounges (+ slideshow).


Named Colours, the brightly coloured seats come in 12 slightly differing shapes, with faceted and rounded edges. They can be used individually or connected to divide large public areas into smaller conversation or waiting zones.


Duchaufour-Lawrance designed freestanding modules for use in small leftover spaces like hallways or stair landings, as well as the connected groupings designed to occupy large open spaces.


"The irregularity of these shapes and the fluidity of the groupings help create a very inviting visual in an architectural world that is relatively linear," said the designer, who also created one of three wooden chairs to mark Bernhardt's 125th anniversary last year.


The Colours range is based on natural forms, like river rocks or stepping stones. It includes bright fabrics, but customers can also customise the seats with a fabric or leather upholstery of their choosing.


"Noé is a keen observer of the world around us, and with Colours, he has distilled a very particular experience with nature into a relevant, practical and organic collection of products," said Bernhardt Design president Jerry Helling.

"The collection is organic in all senses of the word – with gently rolling shapes and free form configurations, it feels almost natural."


The modules have non-scuff plastic glides with vinyl covers to prevent sliding. The collection was previewed at both the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York and Neocon in Chicago this year, and will be available in September 2015.


Duchaufour-Lawrance has previously designed the Corvo, Catherine, and Chiara chairs for Bernhardt, as well as the Cinema lounge collection. He has also created furniture for French brands Ligne Roset and La Chance.