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TAF Architects' lightweight aluminium Ambit pendant joins Muuto collection

Northmodern 2015: Stockholm studio TAF Architects has contributed a spun aluminium pendant to Danish brand Muuto's lighting collection.

The Ambit pendant light refers to the design of a typical brazier, turning the bowl shape of the cooking stove upside down to form a lampshade.

Ambit spun aluminium lamp by TAF Architects for Muuto

The pendant is constructed using a traditional process; formed from aluminium that has been press-spun, polished and hand-painted.

This method was chosen by the studio to ensure the product is both functional and durable. "We found it interesting to try and make a light from something conventional and basic," TAF cofounder Matthias Ståhlbom told Dezeen.

Ambit spun aluminium lamp by TAF Architects for Muuto

The white interior of the lamp offers a contrast with the exterior, which comes in four colours: black, green, pink and white.

"The process was extra challenging since the concept is very basic and the material and technique very conventional," Ståhlbom said. "We worked a lot with the design, shape, curves and textures. There were lots of discussions around the expression, context and 'timelessness'. We also put a lot of effort into trying to make them easy to stack and transport."

Ambit spun aluminium lamp by TAF Architects for Muuto

In 2013 TAF Architects designed a rotating uplighter for Muuto, with a funnel-shaped shade that could be adjusted to alter the amount of light shown.

The studio has also designed poster tube-shaped lights, upside-down tables, and lamps based on stretched rubber bands.

Ambit spun aluminium lamp by TAF Architects for Muuto

Another recent addition to Muuto's lighting collection is Jens Fager's Grain pendant, composed of a bamboo and plastic composite.

Both designs were showcased at Copenhagen's Northmodern design fair, which took place from 13 to 15 August 2015. Also on show was Danish interiors brand AYTM's first line of products, including vases, cushions and stackable trays made with contrasting materials and textures.