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Lanzavecchia + Wai's PLAYPlay collection includes tables that stack like hamburgers

Design duo Lanzavecchia + Wai's latest collection of furniture includes a ping-pong dining table and stackable designs based on hamburgers (+ slideshow).


The PLAYPlay series was created for Singapore furniture store Journey East, and includes tables, benches and cabinets; each designed with a playful twist.

Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai described it as a collection for "outspoken and expressive characters who are unafraid of colour and want to be surrounded by authentic possessions".


A set of three side tables, available in oval, circle and pentagon versions, take their cue from the shapes and colours of hamburgers. Each of the designs comes with a "bun" top half, with shorter legs, that can be slotted into circular shapes and stacked on top of its accompanying bottom half.


The Pong dining table has a sliding drawer that offers hidden storage space for bats and balls, while the tabletop has lines that replicate the markings of ping-pong courts. A wooden wedge net can be slotted into the middle of the table.

To accompany Pong, the solid mahogany Ping bench includes the same bat-style legs, as well as a set of wheels that allow users to move it easily.


The Accordion console uses a lenticular effect so it appears as plain wood when viewed from one angle and brightly painted from another.


The Bazaar desk combines a work tabletop with a shelf and can double as a room divider for small spaces, according to the designers.


Each of the pieces has been crafted in South East Asia and made from Indonesian mahogany, which the designers described as "material that binds us to that culture and collective memory".


"The spirit of play forms the driving narrative behind the collection, each piece consciously representing the young-minded positivity of a life filled with fun," said Lanzavecchia + Wai.


"This forward-looking energy is seamlessly juxtaposed with a touch of retro design influence: a homage to the 20-year heritage of Journey East as curator and restorer of rare vintage furniture," they added.


Lanzavecchia + Wai launched an edible furniture collection in 2013, which included a giant hard-boiled sweet table and a white chocolate chair.


The studio turned to Singaporean heritage for its Leone Series 01 set of lamps, created in partnership with a craftsman who made traditional lion dance masks.