Assemble's Granby Workshop to sell locally made homeware

Assemble's Granby Workshop social enterprise in Liverpool will sell locally produced homeware

Turner Prize-nominated architecture collective Assemble has launched a Liverpool-based workshop selling homeware made in collaboration with local artists and craftspeople (+ slideshow).

Granby Workshop by Assemble

The Granby Workshop in Liverpool's Toxteth area intends to use local materials – many collected from the disused Victorian terraced houses in the Granby Street neighbourhood – to craft a range of homeware, including door knobs, textiles, lampshades and tiles.

The project was prompted by the rebuilding of the surrounding area – once a busy high street before widespread demolition. Assemble hopes to use the workshop as an opportunity to support the local community.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
Ceramic tiles with brightly coloured chips

"All products are made using processes which embrace chance and improvisation so that each is unique, developing in the hands of the maker," said the collective, which recently worked with artist Simon Terrill to create foam replicas of Brutalist playground designs.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
Cabinet handles are smoke-fired and "seasoned" with banana skins

Brick, slate and stone taken from houses undergoing refurbishment in the area has been cast with sand and cement, polished, then used to form a range of items including fireplaces, bookends, planters, lamps, trivets and a table.

Also included in the collection is block-printed fabrics made using wood offcuts, ceramic tiles with brightly coloured chips, furniture made from blackened burnt wood, and cabinet handles smoke-fired and "seasoned" with banana skins and pine needles to create different patterns and tones.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
Granby rock mantelpiece

A showroom featuring the products was launched at the Turner Prize 2015 exhibition opening in Tramway Glasgow, however the objects won't go into full production until spring 2016.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
Block-printed fabrics are made using wood offcuts

The workshop will only produce items that have been pre-ordered, to ensure a guaranteed income for the enterprise and to assist its launch.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
"All products are made using processes which embrace chance and improvisation" said the collective

All revenue will be reinvested back in the business, which intends to support rebuilding projects, as well as train locals in production processes and set up projects to engage young people with creative projects.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
Brick, slate and stone taken are cast with sand and cement to form lamps

"Granby residents have a long history of working creatively in their streets, but over recent decades this action has tended to predominantly be initiated by older generations. We aim to encourage a new generation to participate," Assemble said.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
The workshop produces a range of items including fireplaces, bookends, planters, lamps, trivets and a table

Dutch initiative Social Label similarly united designers and makers to create products, with the aim of providing jobs to individuals with disabilities, psychiatric problems or addictions.

Granby Workshop by Assemble
The workshop is at the 2015 Turner Prize exhibition in Tramway

The 2015 Turner Prize exhibition runs from 1 October 2015 to 17 January 2016 in Tramway, Glasgow, and the winner will be announced on 7 December 2015.