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David Bowie illustration by Jean Jullien

"Bowie's influence on design cannot be underestimated"

Comments update: readers are paying tribute to David Bowie and his influence on fashion, design and culture after the legendary musician died on Sunday. Read on for more on this and explore our comments page to keep up with the latest discussions.

Readers pay tribute to David Bowie in Dezeen comments update

Carry the news: word of David Bowie's death sparked a global reaction on social media, including on Dezeen's Instagram, where followers quickly shared their tributes.

"You inspired millions," wrote Ellen Hotchkiss. "I hope it's warm on Mars" she continued, referring to the home planet of Bowie's alien stage persona, Ziggy Stardust.

Illustrators and graphic designers joined the tributes by posting images interpreting the musician's iconic style while readers discussed his influence on the fashion and design industries.

"Bowie's whole persona spoke to those who felt alienated in society," wrote JBennett. "As a designer working in London, Bowie's fashion, lyrics and the design of his albums have always influenced me in some way, whether I've been conscious of it or not." Read the comments on this story »

The Heygate Estate, south London

Brutal: Prime minister David Cameron revealed plans to bulldoze or overhaul over 100 so-called "sink estates" this week, blaming their design for fostering crime and poverty. The divisive issue inflamed readers.

"A pure distraction from solving the real problems of this society," wrote Lana Marshall. "How many young Brits would just love [a flat] to live in?"

"What Cameron is proposing is criminal," added Sim. However, some readers joined Cameron and called for the "brutal" housing estates to be demolished.

"Cue the leftie architects defending these built atrocities," wrote Derek_V. Others questioned whether affordable accommodation would be provided for those displaced by the plans. Read the comments on this story »

North Vat Dungeness by Rodic Davidson Architects

Deserted: the latest in a string of contemporary houses built on the UK's only officially classified desert prompted readers to question what the attraction of living there is.

"I can't help but wonder why anyone would choose to live in such a desolate, ugly place," said Chris MacDonald. "I can understand wanting to be away from people, but having a nuclear power station on your doorstep?"

"When admiring the vast open space and seascape I was constantly aware of the hum from the nuclear power station too," added Michael. "It was a real eyesore."

But for many readers, Dungeness beach represents a beautiful and rugged wilderness in danger of being gentrified.

"I feel sad that Dungeness is now full of self-consciously good architecture," said Miller, "rather than the very nice wooden fisherman's houses that used to be there." Read the comments on this story »

McDonalds 2016 rebrand

McPackaging: McDonald's launched "striking and in-your-face" packaging this week but readers think it will take more than a redesign to save the fast-food giant from declining sales.

"The designs are great," said Julia, "but I'm not sure people want cheap and cheerful food that is undoubtedly unhealthy so much nowadays."

"At least the company is moving towards recycled packaging," added Olav while Joey Teehan said "eat-in food shouldn't have packaging" at all.

"I really like the big bold font and the use of purple," concluded Livid Lili. "It looks great against the recycled paper." Read the comments on this story »