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SipaBoards unveils self-inflating electric paddleboard

Paddleboarders receive a boost on the water with this jet-propelled board that also self-inflates by Slovenian company SipaBoards (+ movie).

Self-inflating electric paddleboard by SipaBoards

SipaBoards' inflatable products come with an electric motor, added to help paddlers overcome difficult winds and currents, and extend their range.

Located on the underside, the motor sucks in water from the front and pushes it out backward to propel the board and rider forward.

Self-inflating electric paddleboard by SipaBoards

A remote control incorporated into the accompanying paddle turns the jet on and off.

The board can also be self-inflated by simply removing a plug so air is sucked inside. It can then be deflated when not in use for storage and transportation.

Self-inflating electric paddleboard by SipaBoards

Paddleboarding is becoming an increasingly popular sport, particularly among surfing communities in Europe, Australia and the USA. Participants kneel or stand on the board, and use a single paddle to cross stretches of open water.

The boards, typically made from fibreglass, are also used by yoga enthusiasts for exercising out at sea when the water is calm.

SipaBoards' products are designed for stand up paddleboarding (SUP), and are available in a variety of slightly different shapes.

Introduced at the Paddle Expo event in Nuremburg last October, the product will also be shown at ISPO Munich sports fair from 24 to 27 January 2016.

Self-inflating electric paddleboard by SipaBoards

The company is set to launch an non-electric version of the self-inflating board in March 2016 and will release three additional models later in the year.

The All Rounder is designed for the whole family and can hold more that one person, while Balance provides extra stability during yoga sessions.

Self-inflating electric paddleboard by SipaBoards

Hooks for nets and anchors are included on the Fisherman, and a large surface area to accommodate a cooler and tackle box. It can also be fitted with LEDs for night fishing.

Similarly, Spanish brand Onean last year unveiled two battery-powered surfboards that make it possible to surf without any swell.