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Massproductions' Endless shelving doubles as an adjustable room divider

Stockholm 2016: Stockholm designer Chris Martin's shelving system for Swedish brand Massproductions comes as individual units that can be linked together as many times as necessary (+ slideshow).

Martin designed the shelves in response to the abundance of open-plan living spaces, intending them to serve as storage space, as well as freestanding walls that can be used to divide areas.

Endless by Mass Productions

"Shelving is an area that doesn't get as much attention as chairs, sofas and tables," said the designer, who has also created a zig-zagging sofa and an upholstered chair for the brand.

"I wanted to see if I could bring any new and relevant ideas to this type of product," he added.

Endless by Mass Productions

The Endless shelves are available in two heights, and are made in white, grey, black or oak finishes. The storage spaces are rectangular shaped, and large enough to store books or taller ornaments.

Each of the shelf units is identical, and can be linked together side-by-side using a pair of screws, to create longer or shorter sections of storage or temporary walls.

Endless by Mass Productions

When seem from the side, the shelves can be arranged to slant forward in unison, or placed in alternate configurations to create a "rhythmically billowing wall". The designer purposefully kept the furniture minimal, so as not to distract from collections of books or other objects it might hold.

He is also working on an additional insert panel, which will allow the shelf to be closed up and also provide sound insulation as a more robust room dividers.

Endless by Mass Productions

"I notice it more and more that people want to break up the large open spaces that have become very common in recent years," said Martin. "Endless allows these spaces to be divided, but still allowing for as much transparency as is desired."

"The design separates the shelves into two directions, meaning that if it were to divide two rows of desks in an office for example, its very clear who's shelf unit belongs to who," he added.

Endless by Mass Productions

Massproductions will present the Endless system at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, taking place from 9 to 13 February 2016.

Other shelving systems include Ron Gilad's bookcase with floating shelves and metal frames, and Stephanie Hornig's expanding storage unit that can be squashed in or out depending on the available space.