Arjowiggins Creative Papers launches website with improved search tools

Dezeen promotion: Arjowiggins Creative Papers has launched a website that collates all of its paper ranges in a user-friendly space, with a search bar that lets designers find products by feature.

Founded in 1770, the Anglo-French company offers 11 ranges of paper in a variety of colour, weight and finish.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

The new website follows the 2015 release of Arjowiggins' The Paper Book – a comprehensive collection of samples from its ranges.

A white-lined search bar in the middle of the homepage lets users explore the styles of papers and envelopes available. When typing, users can select options from a drop-down menu to select their desired range, weight, colour and finish.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

The filtered search lists papers that meet the requirements. Each paper has a page describing its different qualities, including product overview, range information and print and technical guides. There is also a reference to the corresponding page number in The Paper Book.

Textures are available for download and samples can be delivered worldwide.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

While browsing the website, the tool bar remains a main feature at the top with a grey horizontal block as the background. The design of the site resembles a book, with images stretching the full width of the screen.

Extra features include links to alternative colours and other products that the user may like, and a global directory providing contact details for paper merchants.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

The "add to project" option enables users to create an online mood board, which they can share with clients or print out.

All papers are suitable for different printing and finishing techniques needed for brand identities, high-end labelling and luxury packaging.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

The range includes dedicated papers for these applications such as Conqueror, Creative Labels and Keaykolour papers, which are also available with embossed patterns.

The Arjowiggins Creative Papers website is accessible on all devices – including tablet and smartphone – in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Read on for more information from the organisers:

Arjowiggins Creative Papers' new website is live. Designed to be a working tool for creatives worldwide, used in conjunction with the Paper Book that was launched last year, the new website provides visitors with an engaging and seamless experience through a simple, intuitive, user-friendly navigation.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

An innovative search bar on the website allows any paper, board or envelope in the Arjowiggins Creative Papers range to be found online quickly and easily, and its full product information downloaded. An e-commerce function makes it quick and straightforward to order samples of the product for delivery anywhere in the world.

The website has been designed to minimise visual clutter and superfluous information, in order to make the selection process as simple and smooth as possible.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

Key features include:

Intuitive search bar

A unique function on paper manufacturers' websites that allows users to search the complete collection of Arjowiggins Creative Papers products by range, colour, finish or weight.

Worldwide sample ordering

Through the site, product samples can be ordered for delivery anywhere in the world.

Arjowiggins creative papers website

Full product information

Users can access comprehensive information on any product, including its range chart, print guide, technical data and environmental declarations.

My Project

A personal paper mood board, where users can "save" products that relate to their project and share them with a printer, client or colleagues.

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Based on selections already made, the site can offer recommendations and introduce users to other relevant papers that they may not be aware of.