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OMA unveils unpublished fashion collaborations on Instagram

Dutch architecture firm OMA has published a series of previously unseen concepts for fashion retail spaces and catwalk shows, including a vortex-like set in the middle of Paris' River Seine.

OMA's New York office posted the five proposals to its Instagram account to coincide with this season's New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

The images and videos are all captioned as "never before released fashion collaborations" created between 2010 and 2013.

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Among the concepts is a ring-shaped platform in the centre of the Seine, which would step down in concentric circles to create a vortex that descends into the river.

During a fashion show, audience members would sit on the steps while models parade around the rings and down the stairs.

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Another catwalk study is presented in an animation, which shows a square set covered in seating break apart into angular shards.

Models would walk around and between the raised areas, while patterned panels behind the audience would provide a backdrop for the show.

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A retail layout and visual merchandising system created in 2010 would showcase garments in wooden boxes of various heights and widths.

The cases would be arranged haphazardly around structural columns clad in mirrors.

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OMA also published a study model for its iconic Coach Omotesando store, completed in 2013 on Tokyo's famous shopping strip.

The gif flips between an image of herringbone-patterned translucent blocks used to present bags, and a shot of an internal display case around a stairwell.

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The final post flicks between ideas for the New York flagship store of Raleigh Denim Workshop, which was designed by OMA New York partner Shohei Shigematsu in 2012.

OMA has close ties with the fashion world through its long-term collaboration with Italian house Prada. The firm and its sister studio AMO has completed a number of projects for the brand, including biannual catwalk sets, campaign films and the Fondazione Prada arts centre in Milan.