A Nice Idea Every Day creates Snapchat-inspired video for Peter, Bjorn & John

Music: Berlin-based studio A Nice Idea Every Day explores the relationship between boss and employee via various social media outlets in this new music video.

Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger of A Nice Idea Every Day created the video for Swedish band Peter, Bjorn & John's single What You Talking About?.

In the video, three dancers each dressed in red, blue and yellow boiler suits are placed in a number of work-related scenarios, each in the form of a different social media app.


Following a style common to Snapchat users, the dancers' heads are replaced by emojis, and lo-fi captioning sometimes appears near the bottom of the screen.

At other times, notification banners appear at the top of the screen as they would on a smartphone, and heart shapes float onto screen in the manner of Instagram favourites.

"The video is based on our personal love and hate relationship with social media," said Weyrauch. "We love it – for the most part – but there's undeniably a very frustrating aspect about it."

"In the video there's nods to Instagram, the iPhone timer, iMessage, HowOldRobot, Glitché, Snapchat and of course the phone shutting down in the end – which can be a tragic or a beautiful thing regarding the context."


The band apparently wrote the song after watching an episode of Mad Men.

"For them it was about the boss and apprentice relationship between two of the characters in the series," Weyrauch told Dezeen. "They also said they wanted to feature blue-collar or manual workers instead of business suits."

Wanting to give the video a "collage feel", the team decided to shoot on a variety of formats, using digital cameras and 16mm Kodak film.


Most of the post-production, including the addition of emojis and Snapchat-like filters, was done on their laptops and iPhones.

The entire process, including one day of shooting in a studio with the dancers, took around three weeks.

What You Talking About? is out now on Ingrid records and is available to purchase through iTunes.