"Giant glass grasshoppermates with building"

Comments update: Zaha Hadid Architects' new headquarters for Antwerp's Port Authority is the controversial talking point this week, with readers both decrying and praising the building's visual impact on its surroundings.

Too bling? the faceted glass extension is considered one of the most ambitious projects proposed by British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid before her death earlier this year, but some commenters believe it could be too much of an imposition on the disused fire station below it.

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Sardines: London studio PriestmanGoode has designed a solution to overcrowding on public transport, but its seats rethinking how people sit on their commute have angered commenters who feel that passenger comfort is being lost.

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Highgate House by Carmody Groarke

Bricks and mortar: readers had mixed opinions on this north London house by Carmody Groarke, which features three brick volumes and a grand window facing into surrounding woodland.

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Deflated: this inflatable black nightclub designed by Bureau A to host an annual architecture party has raised a few eyebrows among readers, as well as safety concerns.

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